Friday, December 11, 2009

In Sight

The finish line is in sight.

If things go right I have only one more week of full time work! I am exhausted after a long and difficult work and training week and I am ready for part time. The thought of working part time makes me so excited I can hardly control myself. More then having more time to train, I will have time to do more of the things that are really important to me like cooking good meals, reading and exploring the city.

I was exhausted after work yesterday and did not feel like running. I am still in the building phase of my training period and I am only running when and for how long I feel like. Although I have a weekly mileage goal I am not tying myself to that number, yet. After mailing my Christmas gifts to my Family I decided to take the day off training and have a glass of red wine before heading out to meet a good friend for dinner.

Tonight I was exhausted again after a busy and demanding day of work. I felt the need to run to organize my thoughts and reflect on my week and more specifically my day today. I ran a Seawall run around English Bay, False Creek, through the Down Town East Side and then along Coal Harbour to Lighthouse Point. Within the first few steps of my run I was home. I did not feel pressured, I did not push the pace, I just let my legs carry me along. Running is a freeing exercise for me and takes me away from my real life and into a reflective and sometimes imaginary dream world. It is a time for my mind to wander in an awake dreamlike state (If I ever pass you running and do not acknowledge you it is because I am off in space). Tonight's run flew by in a split second though lasted for over an hour. I did not even mind the cold.

Thursday: Red Wine 0 miles
Friday: 9 Miles

Happy Training!

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