Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In The Bag

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

For the past few years I have been searching for the perfect bag to fulfill my needs. I have been looking for something leather that can fit my gym gear, work stuff and other essential items. I am sick of hauling my huge Speedo backpack around. Fate intervened on Sunday when a chance stop into Club Monaco made my dream come true.

After my long run in the morning I had a relaxing day. I had arranged to meet a friend of mine in the evening, but of course I left the condo a little too early and wanted to kill a bit of time before heading to her place. I popped into Club Monaco to check out the merchandise and see if there was anything new (they turn over stock constantly!). I was on the main floor when, from across the room, I noticed a brown leather bag. With a thrill of excitement I sauntered (stay cool at all times) over to the bag to check it out. From the exterior it looked fabulous with textured brown leather. It was also of a size large enough to hold all the things I require. The shoulder straps were the perfect length with the interior of bag lined with enough pockets to be utilitarian but not so many as to enable losing everything or searching for hours for that gym membership card. I was in love. Then a jolt of reality as I checked the price tag, way too expensive.

Disheartened, though optimistic that my dream bag exists, I went upstairs to see if I could find some highly discounted work clothes. Upon cresting the stairs and rounding the bend I saw the bag, in the discount section. I was shocked and this time did not saunter to the bag. It was at least 30% off and with another promotion the price was dropped by 60%. I shuddered with glee as I imagined myself going to the gym with my first class bag. I checked the bag and it was identical to the one downstairs. I guess if something should put me into the Christmas spirit it is a Christmas discount!

I am excited to hit the gym and the town with my new bag but alas it must wait a few days. I have to take a few days off of training to heal. I had a minor procedure which will require rest to enable effective healing. Hopefully if the pain and bleeding have stopped I will be able to run on Thursday! In the mean time I am recuperating at home while catching up on some reading, (I am determined to finish War and Peace) doing some work I have neglected and generally resting. It is nice to get some time to get caught up.

Monday: 5 miles and core
Tuesday: 0 miles
Wednesday: 0 Miles

Happy Training!


  1. That's a nice bag! I can't believe it holds all of the stuff in the picture, great find!! Get well soon.