Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back on Tempo

Tempo Tuesday is back!

I ran a 30 minute tempo tonight and it actually felt good. I have a few niggles and my whole body aches from my new weight routine but other then that it was great. One thing about tempo runs is that they seem to cover a lot of territory. I started my up-pace section at mile zero on the Seawall, ran across Stanley Park Drive then along the Seawall to False Creek. I finished my run heading West, close to Granville Island. I finished my run with a 3 mile cool down. An exciting aspect was getting a cheer from my club mate Kevin.

What do you think about spandex/Lycra? It is one of my favorite things! I wear a lot of spandex. Most days I train in either long tights, 3/4 tights or spandex shorts. All my underwear have Lycra in them and all my new jeans have a touch of Lycra. If I could somehow find a pair of trousers with a hint of spandex that would be appropriate for work then I would pick them up in a snap. As it is now I do not think it would be a appropriate to wear my running tights to the hospital. Although some of the female residents have been wearing leggings and there is no rule against wearing spandex. The only rule I am aware of is that I am not allowed to wear jeans. Tights and a collared shirt would not only make a fashion statement but I think it would also get me a few dates as my gifts would be readily available, if you know what I am saying. Maybe I will hold off on wearing my spandex to work until I am senile or very, very eccentric. I can still dream though.

Things I love
Fruit Cake: There is no worse insult as a kid growing up as 'fruit cake' but I think fruit cake is great! Every Christmas my mom sends me a modest chunk of fruit cake. As a child I thought it was the most repulsive trick of a dessert one could invent. I thought that taking something as wonderful as cake and fucking it up with fruit was a total and complete disaster. I was so filled with self loathing that I vowed not to eat a bite. It may have corresponded with coming out of the closet when I tried my first fruit cake and it was wonderful. A good fruit cake has a touch a alcohol, a firm structure and a nice finish with no after taste. It is rich so you only need a little piece. I am going to savor my morsel of fruit cake. I never know when I will get another. Things I love Fruit Cakes!

Tuesday: 10.5 miles, 30 min tempo

Happy Training!


  1. Tristan and Mexx sometimes have pants that contain spandex :)

  2. You can certainly find long pants that have spandex in them. Try local cycling stores. I too have to wear spandex for all my sports, full body spandex no less, and it does become addictive.

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