Monday, December 28, 2009

8 Pack

I have an 8 pack of solid abs.

Recently I have started going to the gym. As I am already lean it really does not take much for my muscles to show. I am still super skinny but at least I am getting veiny. There are a couple goals of my weight work. One being to increase my appetite. I need to eat more to enable training at a high level, it is still a struggle. The second reason for weights is to lay the ground work for obtaining a muscular frame once my running days are finished. I hope to teach my body how to lift and activate the muscles so when running stops I will have an explosion of muscular attractiveness.

I want muscles to be attractive but also for function. How so? Research suggests that those who maintain lean muscle into older adulthood with a body mass index within the normal range (21-25 kg/m(m)) maintain their functional independence in activities of daily living better then those who are either over or underweight. It is a good thing to hit your 50's with some lean muscle mass. I feel it is much better to live to 80 maintaining a meaningful lifestyle then stuck in a wheelchair or in a long term care facility. I have really got to stop this long term planning.

This morning I had an inspired run on the Seawall and in Stanley Park. I did not have to hold back today as it has been a week since my procedure and I am sure I am healed. I was not feeling 100 percent but I will attribute this to the antibiotics that I have been taking. Thankfully I am finished them today!

Things I Love
Spring Awakening: I love musical theater. Love might be an understatement. If I could turn back time and have a new career I would be on Broadway (although it is never too late?). I downloaded the soundtrack to Spring Awakening this morning and I am totally in love. It is so different and so good. My favorite song so far is Mama Who Bore Me followed by Touch Me. I have become a bit obsessed.

Things I Hate
Online Dating: If you want to torture yourself for a few hours try online dating. I can guarantee to each and every one of you that you have never had a date like mine. I now measure success on a date by getting a free ride home at the end of the night and not having to tell the guy that I do not like him. An added bonus during the date is if there are drink specials so that I can soften the pain by getting drunk while not spending too much money. When going on an online date it is very important to park your expectations at the enter key.

As I online dated on the advice of a wise friend I will give some advice to those who may yearn to try something new. I would suggest you meet in the evening at a place that serves alcohol at a decent price. To prepare for the date have 1-3 drinks. If you tend to be naturally nervous like me then maybe try adding an extra beverage. Ensure you check out the venue for the date prior to the event to find an alternate exit in case of emergency. If you meet the person and they do not look like the photo from the online site do not be alarmed, this is normal. Nobody actually puts up a photo that resembles what they look like. If at any point your date begins to look like your older sibling quietly excuse yourself and leave. If you find yourself tracking the number of words you have spoken the whole night because the other person did not shut up then you may want to use the alternate exit you located earlier. If the person starts to talk about their bedbug infestation run to the alternate exit. If the person starts to talk about the bathhouses in town you can just leave through the front door.

By the end of my little experiment I made a game of trying to find out why the other person is online dating without actually asking them outright. But then I thought, why the hell am I doing this? If this is where I have had to go for the prospect of meeting someone then maybe that is a sign to abandon ship. As a wise friend said to me (and I will paraphrase what I heard rather then what she actually said) 'you have to be prepared to live the rest of your life alone and be happy with that.' At this juncture I would much rather spend the rest of my life alone then go on another online date. I will keep my 8 pack to myself!

Things I Hate, online dating!

Sunday: 0 miles
Monday: 7 miles, weights and core

Happy Training!


  1. My personal dating advice:

    Never waste your money on an alcohol based date. Coffee only, in the afternoon, so you have an escape story to end things quickly if things go badly. If it's winter, arrive early so your face and nose has time to thaw. Only date 5 years in either direction of your own age - and don't give up. Anything worth having takes a lot of effort. Borrow a friend's dog, so you will have something to attract men. A small child may work as well. Or a monkey.

    If you have abs - show em off. They come with great power, so wield it in a benevolent manner.

    That's it. And post photos of these abs. Thanks.

  2. Amen to all written and the comments!