Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Window of Opportunity

I am on a bit of a break from training and as such I am abusing my body in a different way. Last night I went for drinks with some friends and I must be honest, I have lost my tolerance. I remember university when we could run a race, spend 10 hours in a van driving home to Fredericton then drink at least pint of hard liquor, dance until 2 am and finish the night at 3 am with the 'poutine lady'. The next morning we would all be at the gym at 9 for our Sunday long run. Today I got out of bed at 12 after a paltry few drinks.

I have become acutely aware of a small window of opportunity I have at present to be a little reckless. I have been looking at marathon training plans and they are scary. I know the training is going to be hard and require a great amount of time and energy but it did not become reality until I saw 100 mile weeks on the schedule. I get nervous to think of the exhaustion I am going to be feeling and the horrible person I am going be when I am at my highest mileage weeks. The next few weeks will be an opportunity to get out on the town a little bit before I become a running machine. When running over 100 miles (160km) a week I doubt I will have the energy to go out and party!

Things I Hate

Cancer: This is an obvious thing to hate. Cancer is an insidious disease that is growing in each one of us. It is the unfortunate who, for whatever reason, have their bodies overcome by this illness. Cancer hit my life at a young age when my dad passed away well before he should have. Working in a hospital I see every day the horrible effects of cancer and it's debilitating and painful outcomes.
I hate cancer the disease but also the fear it instills in all of us. We cannot leave the house without fear of cancer. We 'slip, slap, slop' before heading out, we eat lots of antioxidants, avoid smoke and other carcinogens and inspect our skin, prostate, testicles, breasts (I don't have breasts but ladies should check them) to ensure there are no lumps or bumps. The fear of finding a lump, having a biopsy and potentially hearing the word 'cancer' can throw a life into total disarray.
One of the most difficult things to know is the effect of the treatment for this disease. Looking to train for a marathon I am dreading the pain and fatigue that I will feel. Imagine looking forward to cancer treatment. Imagine knowing that the oncologist is going to push your body as close to death as possible to kill the cancer, hoping not to kill you. It puts training and running into perspective. I guess the one good thing about cancer is the value it can place on a life free of disease. I can see how fortunate I am to be able to train and run.

I think I will take a day off today or go for a green light run.

Happy Training!

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  1. It's great you are switching gears and take it easy for a while. Training for a marathon will be fun if a bit tough :)

    Sorry to hear about your experiences with Cancer. Some of my family and friends had run ins with the beast too and hate it just as much as you do!