Saturday, November 28, 2009

Making the Globe

I have had a wonderful last 3 weeks culminating with a direct quote on page three in the weekend edition of the Globe and Mail.

When I started this blog I wanted to show that there was more to being gay then partying and copious amounts of anonymous sex. To see a full page dedicated to gays in sport in Canada's leading newspaper is both encouraging and exciting. To be part of this movement is truly phenomenal. There is a movement afoot where eventually a young gay man or lesbian will no longer have to make a decision between sport and life.

Today I started training again. I did my first tempo on my way to Marathon. It was a tempo on the treadmill as I was a little less then thrilled to run outside in the cold rain. I also like that the treadmill shows how far I am running and I can run a specific pace. I ran a 2 mile warm-up at 6:43 pace per mile. I revved the treadmill up as fast as it could go and ran 2 miles at 6 minute per mile pace. The third mile of the workout I bumped the incline up to 2 for 1/2 mile then the last 1/2 mile put the incline at 3 (I have no idea what the incline number means or what it relates to). I was into my last quarter mile when the treadmill stopped. I was very frustrated but quickly reset the machine and got back up to pace rather quickly. I ran an extra quarter to make up for the machine arrest. I ran an easy 7 minute mile cool down.

The workout felt really good and I was ready to suffer and hurt. I was just starting to get into the drive of the workout when the treadmill stopped, funny that I can outrun the treadmill. I have been working on my core and I can feel the effects, which is good. I have also been doing some upper extremity work and I can feel the effect as well. I did 3 sets of push-ups yesterday with the last set to failure, ouch. The thing about my core routine is that I do 2 minutes of planks with my push-ups started without stopping, immediately after the planks. I am quite sore at the moment though I really like this feeling.

I was thinking last night that I would have been in Guelph today had I run well at BCs. This may be an instance of 'everything happens for a reason'. I am feeling wonderful and well rested after a great break from running which was precipitated by a less then stellar run. I love running but at times I need to get away from the obsession and the running world itself. It is easy to get caught in the mileage talk and the expectations of workouts and training. The accumulated trauma of expectation can cause burnout. Although I would have loved the opportunity to race this weekend I believe having the last few weeks off, in combination with starting my training now, will bode well for the upcoming season. I want to be in shape and running big miles by February and an early break may just enable such an aspiration.

Tomorrow I have a long run in the morning then some fun in the afternoon. It ought to be a puddle jumper!

Happy Training!


  1. I just checked out the comments at the bottom of the online article. For those who think the fight for equality is over check them out. Bigots are everywhere!

  2. Congrats on the media appearance :)