Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Bell Tolls

Recovery continues to good effect. After staying most of the day in bed on Sunday I woke up on Monday feeling great and ready to attack the day. To report surprise at waking feeling well rested and alert would be insufficient. I was both relieved and pleased to be able to feel better then expected. I went for a good run in the evening and finished off some tasks that I had been procrastinating. Tonight I swam with EBSC and it was enjoyable.

I was thinking about bell curves last week. We can place almost any phenomenon on a bell curve. For example; There are a few people in the world who cannot run. There are many people who are average to run and then there are only a few who are really fast. To graph the numbers with the number of people on the vertical axis and the 10 km race speed on the horizontal would present a line that looks a bit like a bell. To be mathy, most people lie within 2 standard deviations from the mean but within almost every sample there are individuals who lie outside this broad category. These individuals are very different from the mean and are outliers. All my life I have tried to be on the upper edge of the mouth of the bell and I have been able to get myself somewhat near this coveted area. With alarm I wondered, what if it is possible to bell curve love?

The average person falls in love after dating a few people, being happy with what they got, then gets married and life goes on. There are some in society that fall in love at first sight, have a passionate affair and then 50 years later they die in each others arms, while making love to each other and telling each other how much they are still in love. Then there is the last category. The lifelong spinsters who have never had an intimate sexual relationship with another person nor has had someone whisper into their ear how much love they shared. These are the people who have never been in love and have spent a lonely life looking for the one thing they really want, to fall in love.

I am wondering if I am the outlier on the down side of the love bell curve. I honestly do not think I am, but sometimes I worry. It would not be the first time I was on the down side of the bell curve. I was not a very good softball player, I hate hunting and I cannot fathom how to make love to a woman. I guess what is concerning is that I really want to fall in love though I could care a less about doing the things I suffer through. To not fall in love would be tragic but there are people in the world that this happens to. I want to ride the front of the wave of the bell curve. One sight and it will happen. I just have to find it.

Tomorrow I will have to run at the gym as I have a busy evening planned after my last day of work this week. I have been working out a bit every day this week and I am feeling good.

Happy Training!

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