Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winter Workout

Tonight I was back with VFAC for one of our death defying workouts on the roads of Stanley Park.

Tonight was a hill workout. This workout consists of an approximately 2:40-2:50 interval with 2 hills and a minute interval with 1 hill. This set is completed 4 times. There is almost full recovery between intervals although I like to push the recovery a bit as I tend to get a bit bored if we wait too long.

After an interesting week I wanted to run hard tonight and suffer a bit. I took Tuesday off due to complete and utter exhaustion and I had an easy run last night. I felt light and easy on the warm up. Sprightly during my drills and strides then sluggish on the first interval. I may have had a bit of built up lactate and other metabolic byproducts from Nationals last Saturday. I ran my slowest interval first in 2:53. My next effort was 2:44 followed by 2:42 and then a 2:40. I was happy with the workout and I felt like I put in a good effort. What was the most pleasing was a fire in my belly to run hard and a desire to suffer that hasn't been there in a while. I was also able to visualize running cross country and placed each of the intervals into a lap of the cross country course. It is nice how BC Provincials is 4 loops with 3 hills and tonight's workout was 4 hard efforts with 3 hills each. The last long interval served as a good practice for Nationals Cross Country as the finish is all up hill. Hopefully I will have a good race next week and get the opportunity to run in Guelph.

Tonight was the workout I needed to get my feet back under me and begin to believe in myself again. I think I was a bit more disappointed in Nationals then I first realized. Although I am in the mix on the national stage I did not run to my potential which is very disappointing. I have been frustrated in every aspect of my life lately and things seemed to have come to a head. Add in total exhaustion and it makes for an ugly picture. It is at times like this when one needs good people in their life to bring some life back.

Which leads me to a new feature. 'Things I Love'. After some reflection I know I need to continue to strive to focus on what makes me happy, hence, 'Things I Love'. Do not fear I am not getting all Pollyanna on you. I will continue 'Things I Hate'. A little bit of salt to balance the sweet tastes so much better!

Things I Love

Good People: I have been very fortunate and very lucky to meet some truly wonderful people in my life. Whether through sport, school or work I have met people who inspire me and have a way with words to make me feel better. We all need a person we can call when everything seems to be going wrong. That person needs to be an ear to listen with a touch of advice, but most importantly to validate the pain, no matter how inconsequential it may seem. I have one of those friends and she never fails to cheer me up with her open ear and wise words. We also need to have people at work who can tell when things just are not quite right. Those people need to be able to take you aside and give you a pep talk and provide a bit of self esteem. I have a few of those people. We also need a secret ally at work and I have one of those too! I am beyond happy to have someone on my team who has a seat right beside me on the 'SS GLBT'. It is in times of crisis or sadness when the qualities of those around you come to fruition. It is an intuitive friend and a good person who can see a suffering heart with a smoldering dying flame. The true person will know to protect that flame and provide the billows and fuel to rebuild the fire. I have these people in my life and for that I am truly blessed.

I am starting to feel a bit more like my old self. I still have a few issues at present with my feet acting up a bit, I feel a bit of a cold coming on and I am getting a little too skinny. When I get as light as I am now I start to get sick and injured and I am scared that is starting to happen. Saturday I am running with the big guns, another hill workout, then an easy week leading into BC Cross Country. I have a new VFAC singlet to wear so it should be fun.

Happy Training!

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