Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tempo Tuesday was replaced with a tune up workout.

Tonight I ran one loop of the course for this weekend's race at slightly faster then race pace. I wore my spikes to get a feel for the footing and to simulate race day conditions. After my loop I ran a few strides.

My warm up went well although I was not into running a long warm up. I think this was because I was very excited to slip into my spikes and run fast. I did all my drills and strides as fast as I could then strapped on my Saucony spikes. A few more strides and I was ready to go. My goal was to go hard. I ran as fast as I could, within reason.

I felt good today. I have some fatigue in my legs from my weekend training although they feel really good. The foot issues I have been having are resolving, even with me wearing spikes which offer little to no support. My run today was a little weird for a few reasons. First, the course is tough. It is a typical cross country course that does not enable one to obtain any rhythm. As I am a rhythm runner this is a distinct disadvantage. The course also has many different types of footing from mud to asphalt, grass to rocky trails. This makes choosing a pin size difficult as I was losing footing on the grass/mud sections but skidded across the asphalt. I think I will go with 12's and hope I do not fall on the hard stuff. Second, my mind wandered. I have no idea where it went when I was running but once I got to the top of the first hill it was gone until I came over the last hill and tried to drive to the finish line. This is good in that I was running fast while not really trying. It will be bad on Saturday if I begin to day dream and lose touch with the group I am running with.

After finishing my hard effort and my drills and strides I ran home, had a snack, then ran to the pool to run the sign in desk for EBSC. I did not swim tonight as I am tapering. On my run home from the pool I remembered that I got a new 4 litre milk and I have Nesquick. I had a very good chocolate milk.

To be filed under good news. I got my appetite back! I was eating some cottage cheese today after my run and I was thinking that it was tasting really good. Then I had some toast that nearly blew my mind. It was delicious! Tonight I had roast root vegetables for dinner and I nearly ate the whole pan. If I had not set some aside for my work lunch I would have eaten way too much. I finished off my meal with a plate of apple crisp, yummy. I am so relieved to want to eat again. I was getting worried as random people have been commenting on me losing weight. Although I do not want to gain a bunch of weight before racing this weekend, it feels nice to be hungry.

I am getting really excited to race this weekend. I am nervous which is a good thing. I am also excited that one of my friends is racing too. I have never seen her race before so this will be a treat. I have thought about strategy for the race and I think I am going to race as if this is Nationals. I am going to go out as hard as I can and hold on for dear life. It may be ugly but it is how one has to race at a National level. If I want to take the next step I need to start taking some risks. I am running fast right now, it is time to race fast.

I have had a rough fall so far with some tough decisions and a few changes of direction. I feel like I am starting to get part way up the hill. I still have a few tough strides to make, my lungs are burning and I am tired, but I can see the top and people are cheering me on. I may have some very interesting opportunities just over the crest of the hill. I will keep you posted!

Happy Training!


  1. heard a rumor that the BC cross course this weekend has moved to Jericho Beach. Might want to check into that if you haven't already heard.

  2. Wow, that is really cool picture of you. You are really going for air in that photo.
    Good luck this weekend. Race like you stole something!

  3. Hey
    Yeah it is at Jericho, I am super excited! Will post a blog about it!