Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sleep Is The New Awake

I went to bed last night at 8:00. I got out of bed this morning at 8:00. I think I am a bit tired.

I had my long run this morning and it was quite nice. It went by pretty fast although I felt a little sluggish. I also did not get rained on, except for a few wayward drops. I have been very lucky this fall to avoid getting soaked. Running in this weather can be very enjoyable. I find something very romantic about a crisp cool morning. I love the sweet smell of wood smoke in the air, a bit of frost on the grass and in the shadows, a skiff of snow on the rooftops and my breath visible on each exhale. I am not the best cold weather runner when it comes to racing although I find it manageable for a long run.
With the cold weather approaching and winter descending on the city I am starting to get excited for ski season. My first love is alpine skiing. I cried when Karen Lee Gartner won Olympic Gold in 1992 in Albertville, France. When I hit the slopes it is usually with reckless abandon. I bought myself the first part of my Christmas present to myself which is an Edge Card to Whistler. I am very much looking forward to getting my skis tuned and hitting the slopes for some good old fashioned quad burning fun.

The colder weather has also ignited the Olympic Spirit in my heart. Part of the reason I moved to Vancouver was to be in an Olympic city during a games. I have always loved the Olympics and as a child one of my favorite games to play was 'Olympics'. I have a couple of tickets to the games and I am beside myself with excitement. The other night I ran a downtown run and wound up running by 'The Bay' which has huge photos of Canadian Olympians on it's facade. This brought an instant smile to my face which lasted the rest of the run home.

Things I Hate
Being Single: It is a couples world out there. If you want to go on a trip prices are 'based on double occupancy'. There are no seats for one at nice restaurants. There is no special leave to celebrate how much I love myself. Look at 90% of the advertisements on TV, in magazines or on the internet. The one thing you may notice is that they are couples or are pining to be in a relationship. Buy our product and you will have the only thing that everyone wants, to be in a relationship. Even if there is a single individual on the advertisement they will have a wedding ring. Most songs are about love while most movies have a plot line involving falling in love. At work you can take leave if your kid is sick or if you are getting married (two things which will never happen for me). I was in a store and I found an electric tooth brush that I really liked. The only issue was that it was meant for couples. One could only buy two in a package. I asked if I could buy just one for half the price and I was told to give one to my significant other or maybe someone in my family. I have no significant other and I have no family within a few thousand miles. I do not shop at this store anymore. The fact that I have never been in a relationship has given rise to reactions such as "what is wrong with you?" or just plain dumbfounded silence. I have even been advised that as I move into untouchable territory I should start lying about my relationship history. So far I have come up with two good histories. The first, I had a boyfriend but while he was saving children in Africa he got malaria. When he got back to Canada the doctors tried to save him but he died in my arms. The second, I was in a long term committed relationship with a prominent Canadian Athlete but to protect his sponsorship opportunities we could never reveal our love for each other so we had to end it.
I am at the point now where being chronically single is worse then being damaged goods. Things I hate, being single.

Happy Training!


  1. You got me craving the cold and crisp Canadian air now! After more than 2 weeks in Shanghai's hot, humid and dirty air, I'm craving for even a minus 30 degree day if it means clean air.

    For being single, it can be annoying but there's always upsides as well. You don't have to wait on someone (or have someone wait on you) to get ready to go somewhere. And when you do plan your trip, there's no negotiations, you get to do and see exactly what you want!

    Don't despair about your history (or lack of) especially with same sex relationships it's fairly frequent to come out of your shell only after a certain age.

    If I was you, I'd keep the second toothbrush for when the first one starts breaking down. You can always find another single to take advantage of the double occupancy rate. I heard once also that Cuba has a law prohibiting surcharges for singles.

  2. Hey J.D.... I like your blog... I am the Executive Producer of GayWhistler's WinterPRIDE as well as the historic Pride House debuting at the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games. Would you be interested in being part of our Fearless campaign... it is a photo exhibit that showcases out athletes and I think you would be a great athlete to have part of the project. You can reach us at

    Hope to hear from you!