Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sharpen Up

One workout to go!

Tonight I ran my Thursday night workout with my club, VFAC. I was craving the Pipeline Road hill workout and I got my wish. This is a hill workout with 6 intervals in groups of 2. The first being the longest and the last two being the shortest. The intervals start on a flat followed by an incline, flat, another incline and a slight downhill to finish. Between intervals we do a stride on the return down the hill. I love this workout.

When we switch from the measured trails to the roads time becomes irrelevant. I never usually know where to stop or the length of the interval so I just go with the flow. It is very freeing to be able to get a time and have no idea what it means or have no recollection of how that time compares to the last time I did a workout. Tonight I just ran as hard a I could and it really felt great. A huge change from last week.

I also got a new VFAC singlet tonight which is light as a feather and actually fits me! I take extra small. I was in a store one time looking at a really cool shirt while the guy beside me was looking at the same one. He was trying to find a large, and I did not think he was that large. I was trying to find an extra small. Extra small. Not just small, extra small. It then hit me that although I had been feeling fat that day I was still a small guy. No, wait, an extra small guy. I do not feel small in the running world, I feel fit and lean. When I am at the start line I feel totally average with regards to my body size. In the real world I feel extra small. When I go to a gay bar I feel like I am going to be crushed by any number of over muscled gym rats or towering monsters. The other day at work I stretched and caught a sideways glance of myself in a mirror and noticed all my ribs showing though my shirt. It was alarming and comforting (You know you are fit when...). I like being lean but it gets to a certain point when the extra small becomes sickly and unhealthy. To run fast I need to be lean and carry as little weight as possible, for real life I want to be fit with some body mass to attract men and to stay healthy. When I am finished my elite running maybe I will set a goal of fitting into a medium, one can only dream!

One more workout to go then a weekend of total rest and sleep and relaxation. Much needed after a busy few weeks.

Happy Training!


  1. Funny that I take it as a compliment when I fit in a extra small and cringe when only medium will fit. Good work on the hill workout.

  2. Jay, you have a great body and you are not in any way inadequate or too skinny, or too small. You look like an athlete.