Saturday, October 3, 2009

Come Together

Today is a glorious day!

This morning I had a track workout with my club, VFAC, and it was exactly what I needed. After a very long and exhausting week I was a little anxious heading to the track today. My legs have been pretty much absent this week and I have had a lot of bilateral foot and ankle pain. All of this, on top of a terrible workout on Thursday, left me needing a good day today.

Waking up this morning I felt good. I am not the best sleeper and typically I will have problems both getting to sleep and staying asleep. Last night I could have sleep through a tornado and today I feel refreshed and healed. I cycled to the workout today which provided a bit of excitement, I got harassed at a stop sign by an indignant driver. I will outline the incident in 'Things I Hate'.

I got to the track and did my warm up with full strides and drills. My legs were tired and a little heavy but I felt good. John wanted me to run an all out workout consisting of 400 warm-up followed by 200, 800, 400, 200. The warm-up 400 went fast and easy. The rest of the workout was very quick and only 1 second off of my fastest workout ever. Of note is that I ran by myself for the entire workout. I am thrilled that I ran a 27 second 200 by myself, on tired legs just 2 weeks from nationals. I also had no foot or ankle pain during any of the workout.

Today's workout is one of the major reasons why I run. It is the struggle and fight, the wanting, that makes a good workout so wonderful. It is fighting through a tough day that makes a fast workout seem that much faster and much easier. Today it was like my feet were not hitting the track, I was on top of my toes with what felt like a crisp, long and full stride. It was almost like the track was a hot fry pan and my feet water, fizzing off of the surface, not really touching but rather zooming across. Truly a wonderful and much needed workout. I am very happy and excited!

Things I Hate

Some Drivers: This morning I was cycling to the track, on a bicycle route, when I came to an intersection. I looked both ways and saw there were cars coming so I stopped at the walk button which was adjacent to the stop sign, pressed it, then rolled forward to see if there would be a lull in the traffic or wait for the light to change. An early 2000 model blue Acura comes up behind me and honks it horn to get me to move out of the way. I do not move, it is my road too. The driver then proceeds to drive over, roll down his window and yell at me. He aggressively told me that I was breaking the law because I 'did not stop behind the white line'. He then drove off as I yelled, "chill out!" He quickly stops his car (in the middle of the street, against the law?), gets out, and starts yelling at me while coming towards as if to start an altercation. By this time the light has changed and I am starting to ride off to my workout. As I cycle away I yell back at him "It's Saturday morning, take a deep breath, and relax!"

This incident in many ways made me feel really good about my life, let me explain. I can only imagine how miserable a person's life must be for them to have a total and complete freak-out, on a beautiful sunny Saturday, at a cyclist who is stopped a foot in front of the white stop line. I imagine this white haired angry man at a point in his life when he has realized that his has moved beyond the peak of his life and this is all he has. He is living what he was always supposed to live with his lovely house in Kits, his cold distant wife, children who will put him in a nursing home at their first opportunity and with an old blue Acura. His pretend BMW, a wanna be fancy car for those who want to be upper class but cannot quite afford it. His dissatisfaction with his own life (the realization that he has amounted to exactly what he has always wanted which is nothing) thus was directed towards me. I feel sorry for this angry man. It is depressing to think that living what society prescribes can leave you with such rage and anger. I feel bad that he has such a terrible life that on a Saturday morning he feels the need to make everyone around him feel as terrible as he does. It is pathetic.

As for me I am happy as a tick. It is a glorious Saturday, I have run an amazing workout and I feel truly blessed to have a wonderful life that is not always easy but with peaks and valleys. Today I am on a bit of a peak and climbing towards the top heading towards Nationals!

Happy Training!


  1. Glad to hear the workout went great! I like your 'things i hate' section - and I concur with you about drivers like that! Get a life already!

  2. Good stuff with the fast workout. I'm glad you got your speed back.

    The best way to handle angry drivers is to smile and move on.

  3. Maybe he saw you at the last critical mass ride and figured he'd pay you back on that glorious Saturday morning. You're funny Jay. Stay safe in traffic, drivers can real aholes.