Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Change of Venue

I got some very exciting official news today. The venue for the BC Cross Country Championships has been moved!

Rather then tear up the turf in our majestic Stanley Park, we will be tearing a strip off of Jericho Beach Park. To say I am excited about this move may be an understatement. I have run the cross country race course at Jericho Beach every Sunday long run, except maybe 10, for the past 2 1/2 years. As a special treat on my long run, to combat the boredom, I always do a pick-up through the park. I run hard along the grass, over the gravel path and up the muddy slope. I know this route more then any other in the city.

Beyond the familiarity with this loop is the style of course on offer. Whereas Stanley Park was a gut buster of undulating terrain on many different surfaces with many sharp turns, Jericho offers long straightaways on mostly hard packed grass or crushed gravel with merely two small hills to break up the pace. Jericho is much more suited to my running style of getting into a rhythm and hammering out 10 km hard.

Now that I know we are racing on a different course I need to look at my strategy a little more closely. I know that if I want to run well at Nationals, or even make Nationals, I need to go with the leaders from the gun, run hard and hope to stay close to the money. Cross country is not about holding back for a good negative split with a fast time. Cross country is about running hard and competing tough. Cross country is about placement, time is irrelevant. I am very excited to race this weekend, almost vibrating. I have rocks in my stomach! I sure hope I can sleep tonight. This is better then Christmas.

Today I ran an easy 5 miles on the Seawall and in Stanley Park. I had one of those happy runs when it does not matter if it only takes two people to block the whole seawall or that I almost got tripped by two separate groups of dogs on two separate occasions. I was also relieved to avoid the rain again. The weather has been reminiscent of an East Coast fall which is something that I have really missed the past few years. I have to put a huge shout out to the powers that be for granting us such glorious weather throughout the whole summer and into the fall! I am so in love with Vancouver. Best news is that it is raining down here in the city at 7 degrees, almost snow up at Cypress!

Tomorrow, a run to get my game face on, then day off on Friday. Maybe I will wax my skis!

Happy Training!

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