Saturday, September 19, 2009


Cross country season has gotten off to a good start!

This morning I ran the Pine Tree Classic in Port Coquitlam. I won, by a lot. I ran well although I had a few errors in my race that are worth mentioning. First, I took a wrong turn, ran 10 or so meters in the wrong direction, then stopped, looked around and found myself back to the route. Although this may not have caused me to lose too much time in a race this can be quite annoying. My more major error was thinking we were to run 3 loops rather then the 2 we did run. When I was marshaled into the finish line I was convinced they messed up and I was going in too early. When I saw the time on the finish clock I realized I was wrong, again.

I am happy with the win yet the field was not as strong as I would have liked. I was not pushed during the race and ran on my own at the front for the duration. I won by over a minute which is quite substantial. What I need out of a race now is to get pushed and go shoulder to shoulder with another few runners. I need to get into a pack and hold on for dear life. I need to push past the feeling of "I am going to die" to out kick someone to the finish line. This being BC I am sure it will happen soon enough. As I totally mistimed the race I did not push as hard as I planned so after crossing the finish line I ran 5 minutes of X's on the neighboring soccer field. I am now gaining confidence in my fitness and am getting prepared to battle into the fall.

Upcoming I have some hard training and I must decide on some races for the fall. I am leading the cross country series now so maybe I will try to win the overall. To be decided!

Happy Training!

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  1. Perhaps everyone else was out running the 5 Peaks x-country races today.