Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tired Tempo Tuesday

Today I ran my tempo all in the trails of Stanley Park. I felt the fatigue from my weekend of racing and training.
When I arrived home from work I was not feeling the best with a slight headache and some dizziness. I quickly put on my flats and headed out into the amazing Vancouver weather to run my 50 minute tempo. The warm up was a struggle and I felt sluggish and very tired. I had no pop to my stride nor was there any burning desire to run. I also continued to have a headache, not good news. Once I got into my tempo things did not improve. I felt sluggish off the ground and generally flat. After 10 minutes I thought about quitting the workout and heading home but I thought better and made a compromise with myself. I would run 30 minutes at tempo pace. I was then able to shut off the brain a bit and just hammer out the minutes until my timer buzzed it's final chime.

I thought I may try some drills and strides after the run but I was too tired and even had a bit of struggle to get home. I am not concerned with this workout as I have been training very hard the last few weeks and I have added a few hours of training into my schedule. I have also had some fit full night sleeps in the past few days which I am sure have added to my fatigue and general exhaustion.
The pictures on this blog today were taken by my friend Jenny when I was in New Brunswick and PEI. She is amazing and the photos she took of the sunsets and the sky in PEI were breathtaking. I am in awe of the color and contrast she achieved in almost darkness.

Happy Training!


  1. Everyone has a bad day once in a while especially after pushing so hard. You have nothing to fear, you'll be back to normal quickly.

  2. Jay, you still put the time in so it's still training so all will be good. You can't kill it all the time. Keep it up!