Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am now on a three race winning streak!

I ran the South Fraser Cross Country meet today and won over 8km. My time was just over 26 minutes, I think. I had a better race this week then last. I did not take any wrong turns nor did I miscount the number of laps. I ran hard from the gun to the finish.

Like last week I ran this race alone at the front. I won by well over a minute and maybe even close to 2 minutes so I was not pushed by the other runners. There is something nice about standing at a start line with a belief that I will win. It makes the race more fun and it also enables me to work on aspects of my race that I usually struggle with. I have been working on my start the past few races. Cross country is about going hard from the start and holding on for dear life. Today I worked hard from the gun and got myself into oxygen debt right away. I began to have a bit of difficultly into the third of 5 laps. I began to tell myself to ease back and just ride it out to the finish. Then I remembered that in 3 weeks I will be in Toronto racing against the best of Canada and pushed hard again. By the end of my third lap I was starting to lap people which gave me some incentive to push hard. Instead of having someone pushing from behind I was able to see how many people I could lap (I think around half the field of runners). The last two laps felt really good and I was able to push straight to the finish.

I am happy with the run today but now I have to put my head down and focus on some hard training leading into nationals. The next two weeks will be tough but I am fit and ready to pump out some long hard workouts. I am looking forward to some quality workouts and I am very excited to be with a new group for a few workouts.

Things I Hate
Loud Talkers: I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own life let alone having to hear about your life too. It drives me bananas when I am trying to get home on the bus and the person at the other end of the bus is talking so loud that I know they got laid last weekend, had tuna salad for lunch and have a scary rash on their penis. Not only are they on the other end of the bus but I also have head phones on and can still hear them. I was out for dinner last week and one individual at the table next to us, Declan, was one of these loud talkers. He knew bob through a mutual friend Chrissy, oh my god! He has been so busy lately but yet has managed to bang a few girls and is having a great time being single...thankfully we got our bill at this point in the conversation. Even more annoying are loud talkers at the beach killing my serenity. I am unsure if it is secondary to impaired hearing or some sort of insecurity that leads someone to feel they need to yell their conversation. It is really annoying when it is of the bragging type "I got a huge raise at work and now I make way more money then my parents!" (actual overheard statement) or if it is just due to lack of social awareness/self absorption "My vagina really hurts do you think it might be a yeast infection?" (again, actual overheard conversation). Listen up people, take it down a notch and think outside of your box.

Happy Training!

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  1. Congrats on the win! Hopefully your race in 3 weeks will be a bit more challenging!