Monday, September 21, 2009

Long, Long Run

Yesterday I ran a little longer then expected, and it was great!

The day started with an hour workout with EBSC. After racing on Saturday my legs were tired and I was generally feeling quite weak in the pool. As I knew I had a long run coming up in the afternoon I was content to leave the pool with 1/2 hour to go in the workout.

For my long run I decided to try something different. I ran directly out to the trails of UBC for a change of scenery and to mix things up a bit. The only issue was that it took a little longer to get there then I realized. I was rumbling through the trails without a care in my mind when I realized I had been running for over an hour and had been running along a trail for quite a distance. I decided to keep running the loop then make my way home. I ran as direct a route as possible home and wound up running 2 hours and 7 minutes. This was the longest run I have completed in years. It hearkens back to my time in university when I would pile up the miles. I was totally exhausted when I got home and so thirsty I thought I was going to drain the Cleveland Reservoir. It took 2 to 3 hours to recover from this effort and regain the ability to speak in full sentences.

I expected to wake up this morning in pain and totally exhausted. Surprisingly I woke up feeling refreshed and light as a feather. My legs felt great and if anything they felt better then usual. I was in a great mood all day today and had quite a productive day. On my recovery run today I felt slightly sluggish and it was a bit difficult to get my feet off of the ground. Although I was a bit fatigued my mood was great and I was really happy to be out in the glorious Vancouver sunshine.

I have been feeling the effects of training the past couple of weeks. I have entered "Bitter Bert" mode due to the exhaustion of work and training and some other stresses in my life. It was really nice today to have a good day of work followed by a good day of training. This is a sign I am coming out of the fog of my hard training and my body and mind have adapted to the increase in workload.

Some of the best inventions and ideas were born in times of stress and exhaustion. It was under these conditions that I thought of a new feature for the blog called "Things I Hate". There were a lot over the past few days so I have had to sort through them to pick one thing that I hate the most.

Things I Hate
Loud Vehicles: This is what inspired the feature. I was on my bike enjoying a leisurely ride through Strathcona when my ears were stabbed with thousands of tiny spikes as a Harley blasted by. The sound was deafening and I nearly fell of my bike with shock. Have these people not heard of something called a muffler? What I find ironic is that I am unable to have a small celebration with friends into the early evening hours without infringing on sound bylaws while some asshole on an overpriced, undermufflered piece of pseudo-manhood can blaze through the neighborhood waking the dead. Loud vehicles, they are a 'bad thing'.

Is there something you hate? I would love to hear about it! Misery loves company so drop me a line!

Happy Training!

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  1. I hate people that don't train and do as good or better than me despite all the hard work I put in :)

    I'm a first time reader of your blog. Hi :)