Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It is Tuesday and I have trained 5 hours already this week and I am tired.

Today I ran my tempo with a much better outcome then last week. I felt generally good through out the workout. I ran the whole tempo in Stanley Park except for a 200 metre stretch along the Seawall. I ran a lot of hills and ran up and down Brockton a couple of times and also spent some time on grass in preparation for cross country. At the 30 minute mark my quads began to fatigue quite seriously and an extra hill I decided to climb became more difficult then expected. The last 10 minutes were wonderful as it was all on grass and I was into "push" mode. My favorite part of a tempo is the last 10 minutes. By this time I can stop holding back and just let go. This is when I get to let all my cares go and run hard (but not too hard, tempo not interval). In is in the last 10 minutes when I get hit 'flow'. By this point I am concentrating on getting my feet off of the ground, I am concentrating on my breathing and trying to let myself go. In the last 5 minutes I usually get lost in my stride and telling myself to 'go', telling myself to get my feet off of the ground and see how far I can get before my watch beeps it's final call. The best part of the last 10 minutes is I do not think of anything other then running. I do not think about work, life or future. I do not think of unrequited love, loneliness or failure. I think about running and I love it!

Once I finished my cool down I quickly scarfed down some food and ran out the door to get to the pool for my workout with my swim club. Tonight was 'the set'. It is a mostly freestyle night of progressively faster sets. I was really tired getting into the pool and even worse getting out. I actually had fun in the pool and I feel my stroke coming back. I have very little strength in my upper body from all my running but I still have some feel for the water. The best part is swimming has stimulated my appetite.

'Things I hate' is really catching on and I am enjoying the new dimension it is bringing to my life. Sometimes it is fun to acknowledge how something annoys me without feeling obliged to look on the bright side. For instance, today in the pool I hit my heel on the lane dividers and then slammed my hand into it and felt like I broke my finger. When I got to the end of the pool I was able to say "things I hate! new lane ropes!", and then I felt better. Something else I hate that I noticed today, Skinny Jeans on fat people. There is a style for everyone and girlfriend, those jeans were not meant for you! Things I hate. Although I love skinny jeans on skinny people, super hot. Things I love, hipsters in skinny jeans, let me peel those jeans off of you...how did I end out on the bright side of that one?

Coming up I have an easy run tomorrow followed by my workout on Thursday in Mundy Park. I am really tired tonight so I hope to be able to hold it together through the end of this week. I only have a few weeks of hard training before taper and I am really feeling it. I think every part of my body is hurting and sore. The first few steps every morning initiate a chorus of creaks and cracks from my weary bones as I hobble the 5 steps to the toilet, a good sign that I am training well. I am happy to be this fatigued, the training is working.

Happy Training!

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  1. Once again I found inspiration in your running. Roger