Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back To VFAC

Tonight was my first workout back with VFAC after a little break for my trip home.

Initially we were to run the mile and 7/8ths loop. First interval a double, second a single loop. My pace time was given and I hammered the first interval. I felt good on the first loop and ran around 12 seconds faster then pace time. I relaxed for the second half of the interval and wound up around 10 seconds under pace time. It was a good effort and I was happy to get my legs going and the heart pumping hard. For the second interval we moved to the Seawall due to darkness. We ran a two mile piece which again went really well. I felt like my feet we not even hitting the pavement. I have been really tired recently while trying to get back into shape and tonight's feeling makes me believe I am ready to pump up the training and float out some hard and fast workouts. I ran on pace time, which was very nice. I even felt light and easy on my cool down rather then the usual "hobble, hobble, limp, limp."

Upcoming I am racing the Pine Tree Classic Cross Country race this weekend. I am training through this race (obviously) so it will not necessarily be a barometer of my fitness. I have trained very hard this week on top of work and socializing, it will be interesting. I am going to use the race as a training opportunity. I need to work on my cross country start. Cross country is much different then a road race. When racing a road race at an elite level the pace usually goes out even and there are several packs of fast runners to tag along with. There is plenty of room to run and one can work though the field if they start a little on the slow side. I like to run from behind and even split through a race so I am well suited to road running. Conversely cross country races go out at break neck speed. At a national race one has to get placement at the beginning of the race and hold on for 10km. For example; at last year's Nationals, off the start I ran as hard as I could to get placement near the front of the pack, I was around 35th. That was the position I ran through the majority of the race and where I finished. I am not suited to cross country because I do not run well with a severe oxygen debt off the start. I like to work my way into a race and power through the last half, something that is not possible in most big cross country races.

Saturday will be fun and I am looking forward to a competitive field and a good hard run!

In a totally unrelated matter and possibly reflective of how I have become totally shameless, I am opening myself to the universe and the possibility of finding a soul mate to share my wonderful life with. I have tried almost every possible venue for dating. You name it I have most likely tried it with dismal results. This leads me to believe I am undatable, though I must keep faith, thus, I am giving a giant shout out to wrangle up some eligible bachelors to date. I take my cue from Einstein who said insanity was "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". With this in mind I am trying something new and using my blog as a venue to get dates. I will not blog on any dates nor will I start a Fringe Fest Show with the results (although I think it could be really funny based on the results I have already had).

If you read this blog and enjoy it and know some single gay men who live in Vancouver (or are great enough that I would move to their city to be with them) then send them my way. My contact is to the left.

Happy Training!

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