Saturday, August 8, 2009

Track Session

One of those days.

This morning's track session was a lesson in hurt. The workout was 5 times 800 with a quick 200 recovery. I was to run 2:18 for the workout, descending if possible. The warm up 400 did not feel good and the time was slow, 68. I knew from this 400 that this was not going to be a light and easy workout. The first 800 went by in 2:16 but felt more like 5:00. I ran under pace time with a great effort, too much effort for a first interval. It was at this point that the wind seemed to pick up and I became acutely aware that I was running in front alone with no one to either take an interval or to chase close. I was tired and dreading 4 more hard efforts. Surprisingly my last four 800's were 2:17 or better, despite making my own pace in the wind.

I felt very flat today. I was tired and sore when I woke up this morning, possibly from a very aggressive game of Frisbee on the beach yesterday. I am happy with this workout (I seem to be happy with every workout though so no big surprise there) as the hard workouts that are a grind are the ones that really count. I have been waiting for a tough workout with a big blow-up; today I got the tough workout, still waiting for the blow-up.

Happy Training!

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  1. well done. hope it wasn't as cold as it is over here. missing the group workouts, but i have been out a bit. it is a testament to your ability to pull out a great workout when you aren't feeling it.