Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tempo Tuesday

I am tired, I am really tired. Strangely I had no problem getting out the door tonight for my tempo run.

Tonight I ran 40 minutes at tempo pace split between the trails of Stanley Park and the Seawall. I felt good tonight on my run. I was able to keep myself below threshold for approximately 95% of the workout although I got a little excited towards the end and ran slightly too hard. I was quite tired towards the end of the session though I was motivated and still worked pretty hard.

I am exhausted. I am struggling to keep my eyes open while typing this, at 7:30 in the evening. I have been very fortunate in the past few days to have a few dinners out with friends and have had some busy evenings. The draw back is lack of sleep. I am going to try and get some extra sleep for the rest of the week and focus on taking care of my body. I can also feel a bit of a cold catching in my throat so I must be cautious in the next few days.

Happy Training!

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