Friday, August 7, 2009

The Hills Are Alive...

...with the sound of wheezing.

The Thursday VFAC workout was hills. I cannot tell a lie, I do not like training hills. Somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of miles I have run I have lost a great amount of strength and thus I suffer with hill workouts. At one point in the early stages of my running I enjoyed training hills, but that tolerance quickly evaporated by the time I left the University of New Brunswick and the hill outside the Beaverbrook Gym. It was with a sunken heart that I made my way into Stanley Park last night to complete a hill workout with my team.

The warm up felt good and my drills and strides were unremarkable. I was very happy to see Ynuk and Graeme out for the workout as they are both very quick. The hill workout consists of an approximately 2.45 minute climb at interval pace. Then a short recovery followed by an approximately 300 metre stride. I like the stride at the end, makes one feel good after feeling really slow at the end of a climb. We do this five times. The first climb went slow, although felt fast. I was convinced the group in front of us went too fast when in reality my group went too slow. The next 4 intervals were very fast. Ynuk and I worked very well together going almost stride for stride for the majority of the workout. We ran the last 4 intervals faster then Ynuk can remember anyone running the workout and we descended our times. This is a tough feat on a tough hill.

I had a great cool down followed by the ability to walk! I could actually walk without a limp after the workout which is very exciting. I still feel a lot of pain in my lower leg but it does not cause too much hurt when running. So long as I can complete my workouts I am happy.

Today I have a day off work with some loose plans. I am going to take it easy and enjoy some downtime. Workout on the track tomorrow!

Happy Training!

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