Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Away. Far, Far, Away

I am leaving for P.E.I. and Nova Scotia. I am going home for the first time since Christmas 2007 so I am very excited. I am planning on taking 2 weeks away from the city and my hectic and pressured existence. I will also be out of electronic contact so no blogging until mid September.

Today I ran my Tuesday tempo. After a great weekend I was fired up to run my first workout without my cold. I think the cold still had an effect as I was a little sluggish. I ran 45 minutes in total at tempo pace at Jericho Park. I ran the loop that was used for the Canadian Cross Country Championships of 2006. Running a loop for a tempo is a little weird, and running a cross country loop even weirder. By the end of the tempo, although tired, I was racing against the best runners in the world in my mind. I may have pushed a bit too hard, yet again, but I am still pleased with the effort!

Tomorrow easy run, Thursday Workout then hop on a plane!

Happy Birthday Heather!

Trip report in September.

Happy Training!


  1. look at you, posting a happy birthday to my sister on your blog. Hah. I didn't even get around to doing that. Oops.

    Enjoy your vacation Jay.

  2. Jay, not sure Im going to be able make it too workout tomorrow. If I dont have a great vacation and I look forward to some good workouts into the fall/winter, getting wet and cold only adds to our toughness, now wheres that hot water bottle. Cheers Kevin

  3. Take care mate, I'll also be back in mid-Sept so looking forward to catching up and getting super fit for the winter.

    Train strong!

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  5. Hi Jay, Happy Vacations!

    Dr. J sent me the link to your profile. So I'm lurking now. Except when I post comments.



  6. Say nice things about Dr. J in case he reads. He's your landlord.