Thursday, July 2, 2009


My body is recovering.

I had a gentle yet sprightly run today in Stanley Park. I ran some of my favorite trails including Siwash Trail. I felt great. All day today my body has felt great. I woke up this morning without my usual limp to the bathroom and noticed no foot or knee pain my whole day at work. I took the long way home and again had no pain. My run today felt fast and easy and I enjoyed the freedom of being fit without a plan. Running is my play and when I am fit I have access to many more games. I love trying to catch bicycles on the Sea Wall. Today I passed a mountain biker in the park cycling up one of the trails. I thought she was going to have a heart attack when I lightly skipped by. As an added benefit of running on my own I had some extra time on my hands and was able to make a great supper of quinoa, chicken and peas.

I checked out some of the race photos today. In some ways I am lucky when I race because I have a tendency to forget what I have done during a race after a race. One of the race photos made me acutely aware of my fist pump after crossing the finish line. The pic would not be too bad only my stride is really messed up, I look quite ridiculous.

I foresee fewer posts in the next few weeks. My training will be greatly diminished and I am generally cheerful and in good spirits. I may post on some past memories from UNB and McMaster. I have also been thinking about running gay and how being gay makes me different. There was a great comment made to one of my early blogs about labels. I attempted to write about how we label ourselves and how it serves a very important purpose in society. The post did not make sense so I deleted it, maybe I will try again. Of course I should write a follow up on my love blog from a few months ago. If I write it now it will be filled with optimism and possibility, in a month when I am back into a hard training period and I am totally and utterly exhausted and cranky it will be sad and depressing, filled with woe and foreboding.

My body is recovering and my mind is too. I am looking forward to a weekend without any races or workouts. What will I do with all my free time?

Happy training!

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