Sunday, July 5, 2009


It is said the most important part of training is recovery. For years I struggled with this concept for I believed that if my competitors were resting while I was training then I would have an advantage when it came time to race. After taking a year off of running, then running faster then I have ever run in my life, I have learned the importance of recovery. I am now enjoying some recovery and am reconnecting to the life I knew when I first moved to Vancouver.

I have been running this week but just for fun. Friday night, after a lovely run, I had a few drinks at a cool lounge in the Gaybourhood. By a few I mean 3 beer over 5 hours. I have lost my Maritime tolerance for booze as a sledge hammer visited me in the morning to provide a hefty hangover. I did not run yesterday and instead had brunch with wonderful friends then hit Wreck Beach for some relaxation and sun worship. I love the beach. As a child I spent my summers between the backyard pool and the beach. I think my innate ability to run comes from racing to the beach, through the woods in my bare feet, to meet my cousins. I was very fortunate to grow up in rural Nova Scotia where, as a child, I did not need someone watching over me during the summer. I could finish my chores at home and meet my cousins at the beach. Yesterday I got home from the beach quite late, sun kissed and exhausted. Sleep came early last evening and has left me refreshed and ready for a light run.

Strangely my right foot started causing me problems yesterday. It is strangely ironic that miles and miles of training will not result in any injury problems yet one day walking around the city and UBC leads to quite severe pain in my foot. I was able to play some tennis this morning without too much grief. It will be interesting to see how it reacts to an easy run.

Recovery continues. I am very much enjoying my excess free time and energy. I am enjoying now and not really looking forward to anything, which is a nice feeling. I have been around the homos a bit which has been nice (although when at the lounge on Friday night I noticed that all the men were huge and by huge I mean tall and wide. I think I was the smallest person in the place by 100 lbs, and this was not a bear bar). I will take this recovery period as time for me to heal for some fast times to come. For now I will enjoy smelling the sweet salt sea air and worshiping the sun.

Happy Training!

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