Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Real Recovery Begins

And then there was no exercise.

I had some surgery this afternoon and consequently have begun a week of no exercise. I am a little worried as I do not remember the last time I spent a whole week sedentary. My surgeon recommendded only light walking as the most strenuous of exercise.

I am a tightly wound person. I am 'type A' and have issues with staying still, I like to move, the faster the better. I also think I have a touch of ADHD which can drive one mad. I can spend quiet time at home but it usually involves recovering from a workout. With my usual exercise routine tossed out of the window and my work week ended I will have free time and energy I have not known for years. I am hoping I do not love this time away from training and become a sedentary heart attack in waiting. On my way home post op I saw someone running, I was jealous...maybe I do not actually have anything to fear.

I have been trying to stay in the present. There is a movement afoot that espouses living for the now rather then the past or future. Advocates of now believe we should live in the moment without judgement or bias while accepting who we are and loving ourselves. There are some aspects of this philosophy that may work for some people. Elite athletes? Maybe not.

I am happy now, and am content in what I am now, BUT, I see in the future training and faster times. I live for the future. In many ways all athletes, and especially endurance athletes, live for the future. The years of training we complete are enjoyable and we are present for those hours but they are for a future goal. I do not run a fast workout to win the workout, quite the opposite. I run a hard workout in the hopes that the effort will lead to a future fast time. If I have a club mate to chase even better. There are many boring and tedious long runs that I have completed not necessarily for the joy of that run, rather to increase my aerobic capacity for my next race. Even when one of us crosses the finish line the immediate thought is 'great race' followed by 'I wonder if that time will get me into (insert big race here)'. After a hard effort in a big race I still do a cool down so I can have a good run the next day.

I sit here, off the exercise for the week, thinking of the races I will be doing this fall and into next year. I think it is finally time to bite the big one and attempt a marathon. I am thinking sometime next spring, long term goal. My next race will be in September. I want to take my time getting back in shape after this week off. After that I am planning on some cross country, maybe road Nationals and then possibly Cross Nationals. After that, marathon training begins.

Time to ice, rest and work on being in the 'now'. One week until I am back to the future!

Happy Training!

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