Sunday, July 12, 2009

One more day.

One more full day before I get to run again!

I spent this morning at the Vancouver 1/2 Ironman Triathlon. I got to watch some of my club mates from the English Bay Triathlon Club race as well as chat with some friends. I love being in the running/triathlon community as going to races is like going home with many familiar and smiling faces. Going to watch a race is also very motivational. Big Kudos to all the EBTC'ers who raced today whether in the sprint or the 1/2 Ironman.

I really should not watch triathlons, especially when friends and club mates are racing. I get much too inspired by their efforts. By the time I left the race I had a plan in my mind for buying a new bike and getting back into training. I can imagine getting up every morning at 5am to train and then doing my second workout after work. I love training and being an athlete. There is no better feeling then finishing a race or snapping off the shoes at the end of a long ride. I also have to keep in mind the difficulty involved in having a life outside of sport when dedicated to sport. I am unsure of how my work performance would be if I was training 3 or 4 hours a day outside of work. My reality is living in an expensive city where I need to earn money to survive. I have no one but me to pay the bills so I must work to live and training has to come second. I will get back into triathlon, it is in the 5 year plan. For now I will try to keep a bit of feel for the water, try to get a little more strength in my legs for cycling and run, run, run!

I am now post op day 5 and despite some residual swelling and a crooked smile I am doing well. I had a bit of a dicey situation this morning with a little bit too enthusiastic a tooth brush but I do not think I caused too much trouble. The pain is almost gone which is a blessing in disguise. I can rationalize going out for an easy 10km when I do not have any pain, one more day.

Happy Training!

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