Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am ever the ambitious one.

Tonight was my first meeting as secretary for the English Bay Swim Club. This is a queer oriented swim club here in Vancouver. It is one of the largest master's swim clubs in BC and almost won BC Provincials last year. I am excited to be on the executive as it enables me to promote queers in sport beyond my narrowly focused blog. On the swim team alone we have several athletes who have Canadian Master's Swimming records to their names. Being the secretary will also be motivation to train in the pool more then I have in the last year. It looks like I will be starting the long road to Ironman Triathlon (Ironman in the far future) as I start swim training again. I will be cautious with my training as I do not want impair my running performance.

Tempo Tuesday is back and just as good as ever. I ran 25 minutes at tempo pace combined between the trails of Stanley Park and the Sea Wall. I have some pains from strength training and general aches from the onslaught of running this past week. My Achilles and Gastrocs are a little tender, not in an injury way but in a well used way. I had to focus on holding sub threshold pace despite wanting to go hard and fast. At one point, once on the tarmac of the Sea Wall, I starting imagining I was at Nationals running on someone's imaginary shoulder. When I started wheezing I snapped out of my stupor and took my pace down a notch to get back to sub threshold. It is nice to know I have not lost any hunger to run hard.

Tomorrow I have a light run and swim then Thursday my first night back to intervals. I am even more excited for Track on Saturday. I formally hated track workouts, now I can hardly wait to slip on my spikes and run some fast times! I will have to be gentle with myself the first few weeks back to account for a loss of fitness but I am excited regardless.

I also had my stitches removed today from my surgery. It feels nice to be back to normal in every way!

Happy Training!

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