Thursday, July 30, 2009

Holy Hannah...'s HOT!

The past week has been absolutely glorious. I cannot remember a summer with weather as wonderful as the stretch we are having. As wonderful as the weather has been, today was a little on the hot side. I believe it is a little excessive when cycling from shop to shop causes me to sweat through my dress shorts. As I sit here blogging at 10 pm it is still over 25 degrees on the balcony on the north side of our building. It is in this heat that I ran tonight for our VFAC Thursday night workout.

Tonight we were charging around Beaver Lake with a 1km, 2km, 2km, 1km workout. We were allowed full recovery between intervals. I am unsure if it was the heat or the general fatigue I am feeling that caused me to run a less then stellar workout, but I am happy to have completed it none the less. John presented me with ambitious times to hit tonight and I fell short on two of the four intervals. My warm up felt good, strides and drills were good and when I was nice and warm the workout began. The first two intervals were run with the fast runners going first and the fastest runners going last. John starts us in reverse order to have us finish all around the same time. Most nights I am on my own at the back for all intervals but tonight I got to start the first with the group that is usually in front of me. Usually I am chasing right from the gun so it was very nice to have some company for the first interval. I went to the front of the group as I knew my pace time was around 5 seconds faster then the others. I felt like I was moving swiftly though I found it difficult to gauge my pace and work rate. I finished the interval around 8 seconds over pace. The second interval I started 10 seconds behind the group in front of me and attempted to chase them down. The first km was very similar to my effort in the first interval. Hard to quantify if anything. My legs were a little tired but not unusual, my feet were coming off of the ground without undue strain but I had to put out a lot of effort to hit my pace times. I went through 1 km exactly on pace and was able to maintain my velocity for the second km. The second 2 km piece was not so good. The wheels were not turning and I could not get the engine into gear, maybe I locked the brakes at the end of the previous interval. I was 8 seconds over pace time again. Ynuk was charging from behind and it was difficult not to go hard and race to the line. The last thing I want to do now is race in workouts, so I attempted to hold my pace and use his energy to pull me along. It does not seem to hurt as much when there is someone else to hurt too. The last interval I wanted to survive. I ran as hard as I could to get the workout over with. It turns out I went one second under pace time. It did not feel good but I do not think it was ugly. I was totally exhausted but my stride actually felt crisp and light.

Tonight's workout shows me that when I am exhausted and very hot and missing times I can dig deep and come back with a good effort. I will have to place the interval into my memory to recall when I am in a tough spot racing.

The dog days of summer are here and life has heated up with the temperature. I have been very busy the past few days as I want to enjoy every minute of summer. The combination of feeling like a spinning top between training, work and social life and the reduced quality of sleep from the heat has left me wearied and longing for a quiet night with a good sleep. This will not come soon as I have yet another busy weekend ahead. As the saying goes, I can sleep when I am dead.

Last night I was on a sailboat in English Bay for the Festival Of Lights. The UK lit it up with some Elgar, Sarah Brightman and music from the sound track to The Last of the Mohicans. There were even bagpipes! The city was radiant with the views from the water and the ambient temperature on the water was perfect.

Holy Hannah it's HOT! Time to shower again, this blog has made me sweat.

Happy Training!

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