Friday, July 10, 2009

Goal Setting

It is official, I was third in the Timex Series for BC. I am pleased with this result and the cash will go towards good use, maybe towards 10 km Road Nationals. I would love to return to Road Nationals and make an attempt at top 10, very ambitious! If I have some good training and a good day in October then who knows what will happen. I never would have imagined entertaining the thought of top 10 in Canada for road race, how far I have come.

Today is post op day 4. I thought I would be better by today and would be back to usual. I am still not allowed to run (Arg!!!!) but I was hoping to be pain free with no more swelling. There is still pain and I look like I have a bit of a palsy on the right side of my face. Not very attractive. I still cannot smile and talking hurts. Oh childhood accidents and their long term repercussions.

So it looks like I have a good goal for the fall, Road Nationals! It seems like a far ways off as I sit here at my computer not able to run. I had a great time in Ottawa last year as I have a few close friends from undergrad in Ottawa. It seemed like every time I rounded a corner in Ottawa I ran into someone I knew. Even my old coach from McMaster was amazed at all the people I kept bumping into.

The difficulty with the fall running season is the mix of cross county and road. I love cross country. I get teary when I watch old videos from university and there is no better feeling then running on grass. Some of my best memories of running are from cross country. But I am a better road runner. As much as I love cross it has become apparent in my age that I am better suited for road running. I find the mixed tempo of cross difficult as well as the break neck pace from the gun. At nationals last year I sprinted as hard as I could at the gun and wound up towards the back of the pack and tired. I do not like Oxygen dept from the gun. It also turns out my body is not that great at racing in the cold. I love the heat of summer and my body handles the heat much better then others. I find training in the cold very difficult as well. Where some athletes may enjoy long recovery, my body just cools down rapidly making consequent intervals painful. I am going to give cross country another kick at the can, for the love of running, but I do not have very high expectations for results. I would love to go back to Nationals but we will see how the fall turns out.

It looks like the power of now has totally run out. I will convalesce today dreaming of the future. Oh and what a stage of the Tour de France today! I love it when a young rider wins a stage, especially from such a gutsy break away!

Happy Training!

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