Thursday, July 16, 2009

Glorious Summer

I love summer.

Today was another glorious day in Vancouver. Although I could only look enviously out the hospital windows, I was excited to head out into the brilliant summer sun as I got off of work at 4:00. I took the long way home on my bike then laced up the runners for a nice little jaunt on the Seawall, with a pit stop at Brockton Oval for some drills and strides. My legs have been a little sore after my spirited run on Tuesday and I felt a little sluggish today. I have not run a workout in two weeks and I did not get my heart rate above 80 for a whole week so being a little winded and heavy is not unexpected. Once at Brockton I did my full range of drills with some core strengthening and strides. I want to give my body a taste of running hard before I actually hit the trails in a weeks time.

Yesterday I was in the pool for the first time in a week. It was a good swim although I feel weak and generally lousy in the water. I want to be swimming like I was over a year ago when 3000 meters was a breeze and I felt like I could pull myself easily through the water. Now I feel like I have no muscle strength or feel for the water. To get back to my previous mediocrity (I was never a great swimmer) I will have to spend much more time in the pool then I am now. I will have to decide soon if I want to subject my body to any extra training on top of my running. One of the hardest facts about swimming is that there is no empirical research evidence to suggest any cross over from swim training to running. Knowing that going to the pool is not going to help my running and may actually hinder my running is a huge disincentive. I would very much miss my training group though. Maybe I should hit the sea for some open water swimming.

This weekend is the Summerfest Race which is put on by my club VFAC. I will be the lead cyclist which should be fun. I am slightly disappointed I will not be defending my title but at least I will still be at the front of the pack! For the rest of the weekend I have some very important beach time planned. Did I mention I love summer?

Happy Training!

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