Monday, July 20, 2009

Fuel for the Fire

Fire needs fuel. It needs energy to stay alive. I have gotten some fuel to keep my fires alive.

Summer time, for those who live in rural Canada, is a time to get the fire wood chucked and split in preparation for the long cold Canadian winter. In some ways summer for a runner can be a time to get some fuel for a tough fall schedule. The last few weeks of recovery have enabled me to rest my aching bones, my weary mind and fuel my desire to run fast in the fall. The fuel has come in a few forms.

I received an exciting letter from BC Athletics on Friday inviting me to National 10km Championships in Toronto. Motivational fuel for the fire. I know that I will be running in a competitive race in October that will give me a chance to run a new personal best. I am also heartened to not have to run on a tough course in Ottawa. On the days when it is cold and raining and I do not necessarily feel like running I will think of my race coming up, the opportunity it presents and I will train. Fuel for the fire.

I have had some time to eat good food and rebuild my muscles. This is real fuel in the form of energy. I wanted to gain a bit of weight to get me through the summer but that did not really happen. For the next month of training I am going to get into the weight room in the hopes I will get hungry and start eating more and gain some strength for the fall. It would not be terrible to have some biceps too. The extra energy and strength will get me through some tough long runs and very hard workouts and races. Fuel for the fire.

Time away from running has been great to see friends, go out into the city at night, have a few drinks and relax. The time away has also made me want to go back. I missed the freedom I get from running and the energy rush from a good workout. I also missed seeing my club mates on a regular basis and the camaraderie at VFAC. I enjoyed not being a runner but I am ready to train. Time away from running has been wonderful to show me again how much I love running fast. Fuel for the fire.

I have lots of fuel to build a nice fire. Now I have to ensure I do not build a blaze to big to burn all this energy before I peak in the fall. I will also have to remember to stoke my fire by taking time to recover from my hard training periods.

I had my first long run yesterday in my new training period. I ran 10 miles and it felt good, not great. I will continue to build my long run and in the next few weeks it will begin to become more comfortable as I get more comfortable with running slow for an aerobic base.

As for playing with fire away from running I have not had much opportunity. I am fully enjoying my summer without repeated disappointments on a personal level. Of course I would love someone to stoke a little fire with, but my summer has been hot enough as it is. I am going to enjoy the freedom of being a singleton for the rest of the summer and not concern myself with the trappings of relationships. It is nice in the summer to do/go/see whatever I want with whomever I want without having to take someone along or ask permission. As I took a training break I want to take a break from thinking about dating anyone, possibly till after this next hard training session. Maybe get some fuel for a new fire somehow.

I have fuel for one fire and doused another. The summer continues...

Happy Training!


  1. Hi J.D.

    I'm feral geographer and along with Mae Callen of Driving Fast on Loose Gravel, I'm working on creating an active blogroll of queer blogs from Canada and/or by Canadians. The project is called Queer Canada Blogs, and we've added your blog!

    Please check it out and let us know if you have any suggestions for blogs we can add.

    feral geographer

    (Feel free to delete this comment... I just wanted to contact you, and couldn't find an email address!)

  2. Oh my word! I am totally honored to be included with other Queer blogs. I can't believe people even read this blog, ha ha!