Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fast Twitch

This morning I hit the track for my first track workout in a month. The fast twitch muscles fibers were firing and my Fast Twitch Flats were fast!

The sun was blazing and the weather hot for this morning's workout. I love training in the heat. As I have a pretty small body it is much easier for my body to cool then others with bigger bodies. This is an asset when training on lovely summer days like today. The heat and warmth keep my muscles warm while also keeping them loose and pain free. In the heat I feel I have a little more power and range of motion in my stride. I also find it easier to complete my drills and I can get my strides and accelerations up to maximum speed a little quicker. It is also nice to train in my tiny high cut shorts and shirtless.

Today's workout was a fast one with 400 warm up followed by 2 times 200 all-out then 2 times 600 all-out. Maximal effort workouts are what I have run all through university. I was never the fast guy so every time we hit the track I had to hammer as hard as possible just to keep at the back of the lead pack. Now that I am older and wiser I have been able to adjust my training so that an all-out workout is all-out and a longer workout is not a race but rather a pace. The warm up 400 went well splitting through 200 in around 31 or 32. I was a little surprised by this time as the effort felt easy. The first 200 interval was fast as I had a couple of guys to chase in Cappel and Brad. I went through in around 26. The second 200 was just as quick with as Brad put the hammer down and flew ahead, at least 5 metres ahead by the end. He has amazing wheels!

I was looking forward to the 600's as they are a great measure of fitness and strength. In an all-out 600 one is to run hard to 400, then harder for the last 200. The thing is, for most people, the last 200 is still the slowest part of the interval. Today I ran even through the 600's with equal splits for each of my 200 sections. The 600's were close to my best ever efforts. For both of my intervals the opening 200 felt smooth and easy, the second 200 required a bit of effort as my breathing increased and my legs became starved for energy and the last 200 was effortful yet contained. I did not feel out of control at any point during the workout nor did I feel flat or leaden. I felt good spring off of the track with barely any time with my feet on the ground. I always try to get my feet off of the ground as fast as possible when training on the track. After a hard workout on Thursday and a tough and exhausting work week I am quite thrilled with today's workout. I am still surprised I did not lose any speed or strength with my time off.

On a sad note, today was my last track workout with my club mate Brad. There is a link to his blog on the left which is called 'Madly Running Around'. Brad is a great guy and awesome to train with. He is the rare combination of quick competitive training partner, cheerleader, congeniality and intelligent conversation. At every workout he has a kind word to say, a good hug and great work ethic. He will be missed when he moves to Victoria with his Fiancee. If only he was single and gay...

Happy Training!

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