Friday, June 5, 2009

Track Photos

My club mate Phil took some photo's a couple of weeks ago at workout. Although I have a lot of race photos, I have very few workout photos. I don't think I will be sending these to any potential mates, or maybe that is exactly what I will do. To be honest, if a guy sent me picks of himself working out on the track I would totally be turned on. Maybe I have run a few too many workouts...At least I am smiling before the interval. This workout was 12 times 400 meters with 100 meters recovery. I think this must be going into the last set of four. I do not think I was smiling going into the last 400. You will also notice that I am the only one smiling. Brings new meaning to the only gay person in the group.

That is me without the shirt at the front of the pack. The reflective nature of my skin proves useful when running at night. I will never get hit by a car when that pale, unless they aim for me.

Happy Training!

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