Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

What a difference a day makes.

Tonight I was out for my last workout in Stanley Park for a few weeks. I was anticipating an easy workout which would have me chafing at the bit to run hard. I was thinking I would be well rested with tonnes of energy and a certain spring in my step. I was wrong.

Tonight's workout was 3km, 2km, 2km. I did not run the last 2km in preparation for this weekend's race. John gave me a conservative pace time with the instruction to run the workout as I would any other but not harder then normal. Sometimes when one has a shorter workout then normal the tendency is to run extra hard to get more quality out of the workout. With 4 days to go before my last race of the summer this would not be wise. My warm up went well though I felt a little sluggish, not uncommon during a taper. Drills were the same as usual and I only did 3 strides. I did not have any pop to my stride and it was a struggle to get my feet off of the ground. The first interval was a struggle. I felt tired, heavy, slow, weak. The running was not effortless nor did I feel like I was floating. The funny thing was that although I felt slow I ran the equivalent of a 9:05-9:10 3km, hmmm. The second interval I got to start with Ynuk who is seriously super ripped! He hammered the first climb which is approximately 500 meters at the beginning of the interval. It was a struggle to stay in touch with him over the first part of the interval. On the remainder of the interval, mostly downhill, I planned on opening up my stride while Ynuk was planning on cruising. I tried to run easy but I could not seem to get the legs going. Every stride involved a conscious effort to lift my leaden leg off of the ground, kick up towards my butt then reach forward towards my next stride. Thinking of lifting the leg is not usually fast. After finishing the interval I felt nauseous and generally gross. Again I felt slow and heavy. Surprisingly I ran the equivalent of a 5:55-5:57 2km, hmmmmm.

I do not know what to make of this workout. I felt great on Tuesday and may have run a little too hard. Today I felt sluggish and it was a battle to get to the end of the intervals, though I ran fast. I am thinking that tonight was a good night to get rid of some rust from yesterday's day off and to burn some of the excess glycogen which has accumulated over the last week of reduced miles. A huge bonus if one looks at patterns is that a tough Thursday workout is usually followed by a great run on the weekend for me. I am not concerned with how awful I felt tonight because I ran fast and I was anticipating a bad workout sometime soon. It is too bad it happened tonight but I now have confidence I can fight through a tough patch to get to the finish line.

I get really nervous to race, especially if it means a lot to me or if I have a big goal to accomplish. This race is no exception. I have had rocks in my stomach all week and have felt quite random at work. Thankfully the nervousness has not negatively impacted my sleep although I have found it hard to eat at times. Funny how things change. When I first started running I would eat when I was nervous. Before my first CIS Cross Country I ate a whole bag of bagels, man I had a lot of indigestion!

The hay is in the barn! (I have made a lot of hay this year...)

Happy Training!

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