Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things Are Coming Up Roses

Saturday Track!

Some time on Thursday I must have fallen on a horseshoe and wedged it firmly up my ass. I had a great workout Thursday, busy but somewhat lucky day on Friday and then today the luck continued. Our workout today on the track was to be 4 times 1200 with 400 fast recovery.

I booked a car to drive to the workout as I had a few errands to run after workout, turned out to be a good decision as it poured rain for the duration of the drive to the track. By the time I had changed into my trainers for the warm-up the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to say hello. I had a good warm up and my drills felt light and crisp. I am not going to lie, I was a bit surprised.

On paper 4 times 1200 metres is not a tough workout, and the pace time was quite slow with a fast recovery. The issue with this workout is that it sneaks up on you, one moment you feel great, the next in quicksand. Today there was no quicksand in my path. I opened up the workout dead on pace, 75 for 400. I descended the workout with my last 1200 run in 3:32, opening with a 70-71 second 400. I kept my recovery honest throughout the whole workout and may have even run my last recovery faster then I was supposed too. There was also not a drop of rain for the whole workout, wonderful!

This may be my new favorite workout (so I think every workout except hills is my favorite but at this moment 4 times 1200 with fast recovery is my favorite...). This workout goes by in the blink of an eye. The pace times John gives us are always bang on to be manageable yet with some room to push the last interval and finish feeling good. It was also great to have Kevin out timing! It not only takes some of the thought out of the workout but also inspires me to run a bit faster, or at least run with guts (like Kevin runs). I had a great day at the track which gives me a lot of confidence going into Scotia Bank, and no pain during the workout!

I firmly believe I am the most fit I have ever been in my life. I am convinced I am the most lean I have ever been without trying to starve myself, if anything I am having difficulty eating enough. I feel the most well when I am running. I have aches and pains and a few niggles which disappear after 10 minutes of good running. I am feeling good, maybe things are coming up roses, sub 1:10?

Tomorrow I have an easy run and swim then Coldplay!

Happy Training!

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