Monday, June 1, 2009

Shaughnessy 8 km Photos

After running hundreds of races over many years I have amassed a broad collection of race photos. Race photos seem to show both the best and worst of the person running. They are raw, the soul is laid bare with no pretension. When one in photographed running there is no opportunity to put up a wall, a fake smile to fool the camera into thinking you are happy. There is no time to fix your hair or ensure the camera gets your 'best angle'. Race photos are the antithesis of the posed Friday night photo at the club. I once sent a potential blind date a picture of me running in a race. I thought it was cool, he did not and did not respond. I guess he did not like the look of my soul, the sight of my passion. I think some times the most intimidating thing about a person may not be their brilliance nor their good looks, not even an amazing talent. Sometimes the most intimidating person is the most passionate. I hope he was intimidated.

Today was an easy five miles, a massage and workout number seven in the pool, 1500 meters. My training partner and I will be working through 4o (or is it 60? I am not a number person...) or so workouts over the summer. This will be a great opportunity to have some fun without any real racing goal. I love working out and swimming will enable me to maintain base and general fitness over the summer without the pounding and injury risk of running. Another exciting benefit is that I am gaining my appetite back. It was gone when I stopped triathlon and I lost all my hard earned muscle. I think I am getting some muscle back, although from these photos (note the chest ribs) I still have a way to go before I am close to being attractive in the body department. I would much rather be fast then attractive anyways. Muscle is meant to move you!

Thank-you to Rick Horne for the great photos!

Happy Training!

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