Saturday, June 13, 2009

Race Weekend

What was I thinking?

Friday night I ran the Longest Day 5km and Saturday morning I ran the Pride Run 10km. Both races here in Vancouver. The Longest day race went well and I think I ran a new personal best. If I held my first km pace I would have run well under 15 minutes but instead I wound up with a 15:24. As you can imagine the race went out really fast and I found myself alone in third place from the first 20 metres until I crossed the finish line. Opening up in 2:45 my pace steadily declined over the course of the mildly undulating tarmac. I believe my third km was the slowest as it was mostly up hill and I was feeling the deleterious effects of my ambitious opening pace. Leading the race was Ryan MacKenzie who ran with a fire under his shoes. He went out hard and held on for dear life while Scott Simpson chased from the gun. By the finishing times it looks as though Simpson was able to mount a fearsome charge and eat into the lead established by MacKenzie. The prize for my effort was $125. My first cash of the year!

This morning I was startled awake at 5:10 for no apparent reason. I did not have to pee, there was no nightmare and I was nicely comfortable. At 7:00 my alarm went off and I felt like a snow plow somehow found it's way to sunny Vancouver, fit into my newly tiled elevator, and ran me over multiple times. I hobbled to the kitchen and had my Seigels Bagel and my freshly ground Robson Blend coffee. I took off to the Stanley Park for the annual Pride Run. It was a great run through the park and around the Seawall. I crossed the line slightly worse for wear in first place. Running hard twice in just over 12 hours is kind of hard. I was excited to get a pair of shoes from Rackets to Runners as the prize.

After the run I hit the pool in afternoon for a good swim workout. I fear I am losing touch with my training partner as he gets much stronger and his swimming pedigree becomes obvious. I think the only way I will be keeping up soon is if he is doing breast stroke and I am doing free. It is fun to be swimming random workouts in the bright sunshine. It is also great to have a cool training group to workout with who have a priority of having fun.

So I have had a great weekend thus far with solid running and a great swim. Tomorrow is a long run then my post race massage on Monday. This is my last long run before the Scotia Bank Half Marathon so I hope to get though it without any drama.

As an added note, kudos to the weather here in Vancouver. This has possibly been the best stretch of weather since I have moved here. I have more tan now then I have had since university, and it is June! I have been a vocal naysayer to all the rain so I feel it is my responsibility to compliment the wonderful weather.

As I have said since moving here, "Vancouver in the rain is amazing and wonderful, Vancouver in the sun is the best place on earth."

Happy Training!

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