Monday, June 8, 2009

Prefontaine Classic: Saturday

Road Trip!

Saturday began with me traveling to Budget Rental Cars to pick up a car before heading to the track for my workout. The workout went very well. The workout consisted of all outs starting with a 200 followed by an 800, 400 and 200. I was happy this was the workout as I have been very tired lately and I did not sleep well Friday night knowing the excitement to follow the next day. I may have run yet another best ever workout. It was even a little old school with a little trip up on the last 200. Getting jostled always makes me want to get into a good race. Flash back to indoor track and big cross country meets.

After my cool down I jumped in the car and drove seven hours to Eugene. Not the best method to recover from a workout but I was on a mission. My mission was to deliver a parcel to Priscilla Lopes-Schliep. Priscilla won the bronze medal at the Olympics last year in the 100 metre hurdles and works with a friend of mine who I ran with at The University Of New Brunswick. It turns out Priscilla has a RedBull energy drink before she races. On her way to Eugene the RedBull were confiscated at the airport. I was in charge to deliver this commodity and help our Canadian athlete to her best possible performance. Upon arriving in Eugene I navigated my way through the tree lined streets to find the meet hotel. There were runners everywhere and more pictures of Steve Prefontaine then I have ever seen. I went straight to the front desk and informed them that I had a very important delivery for one of their boarders. After a bit of persuasion the front desk clerk rang up to Priscilla's room. After a brief chat Priscilla made the trip to the lobby where I was eagerly waiting. I got the precious cargo into her hands, mission accomplished!

Priscilla was really cool and talkative. One of the great things about most of the runners I have met, whether they are sprinters, hurdlers or distance runners, elite or rec, is that they are genuine and ingratiating people. Priscilla was no exception. To meet her one would never know that she is an Olympic medalist and one of the top athletes in the world. It was also nice to congratulate her on her Olympic Medal.

After my mission was accomplished I headed to Hayward Field.

There was a pre Pre elite meet in the finishing stages. I caught the last heat of an 800 (winning time 2:53, not that crazy fast) and the 10,000 which was very fast. This was one of the last qualifying meets before US Nationals so there was a very high quality field. I think four or five guys went under 29 minutes. It was nuts!
I think next year instead of watching pre Pre I will see if I can race. I hope there is at least one distance I could compete in.
Hayward Field was nearly empty but there was still a great atmosphere. Nights like this are when the real track fans are out. I could hardly believe how fast the 10,000 went and also that I was on track level to watch it. What other sport allows the spectators to stand on the field of play to watch? The most difficult aspect of the first night was that I was not running. I would not run the 10,000, way too fast, but next year I may look into running one of the B heats if possible.

After day one of my Prefontaine adventure I was too excited to sleep again. There was very good reason to be fired up as day two of the adventure would deliver on expectations.

Happy Training!

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  1. Glad to hear you made the package drop - great going! I caught the Pre meet on TV and instantly decided that next year I too will be making the pilgrimage... I might need to sharpen up my running if I'm to even make a Z grade 10,000 heat tho!