Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prefontaine Classic: 10 km Video

This is what sub 29 minutes for 10 km looks like.

It looks fast on video and it was fast in real life!

Tonight I ran my Tuesday Tempo. John instructed me to take it a little easy tonight and run half my usual tempo. I ran 25 minutes and I think I ran a little harder then I should have. I was feeling a little frustrated after work today and felt the need to run away some of this disenchantment. My warm up did not feel that great. I cycled quite aggressively both too and from work. I am also absolutely exhausted from trying to have a social life as well as a work life and a training life. Spending 14 hours driving on the weekend on top of all my workouts and minimal sleep has also had a negative effect on my body and mind. As has been my trend I ran half the tempo on trails and the other half on the Sea Wall. Once into the tempo it went by very fast. The frustration I felt manifested in a need to hurt and go hard, not a good mindset for a tempo (workout or race yes!). Tempo is supposed to be controlled and sub threshold. My run was not sub threshold but felt really good. It was nice to hammer and feel great. Tonight, as I write this post, I am having some symptoms of running too hard, including a bit of cramping. This will be my only real workout this week as I am racing Friday night, I think... (comment on reasons supporting and against racing a 5 km this Friday night if you so choose).

More Prefontaine details to come!

Happy Training!


  1. You know my feelings, its a fast course, could be some fast guys, your in good shape, if you take it easy now until friday, you should rcover, factor all these in you could run really fast, then you will not have to do a workout on Saturday, need any other reasons? apart form Uncle Kevin says race, thats what you are here for...

  2. Hey Jay! Not to rain on your parade, but this post has a bit of a negative air about it. You need to cheer up. No one is holding a gun to your head to complete all of the things you feel so much pressure to complete. Do what you love, and cut out the rest. We all have to work, it's part of life. Life is much more livable if you simply drop the drama and live the moment. Think of how great your life is, you're a high performance athlete, you have a job, you're healthy...and you have friends that care about you.
    Go out this weekend, have a few beers and get laid. Life is not an Emergency!!!!

  3. I didn't think the post was that negative, I was frustrated after work for reasons I won't get into. The run offered an opportunity to relieve the frustration and it worked. I also slept well last night so I feel much better.
    Oh and I was thinking about the video and I think it is the 1500. I wasn't at track level for the 10,000 and there was a really cute set of twins in the 10,000.
    Oh and lastly, having sex with a random stranger will not change anything in my life for the better. I will take this weekend to race, rest and run the pride run, maybe go to the beach too!