Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ode to Beaver Lake

Tonight, I felt like a runner.

Our workout was 1km, 2km, 2km, 1km. This style of workout, single/double/double/single, is one of my favorite workouts. At McMaster University we had a rugby field on which we would complete this pattern, only it was a mile loop. I always felt strong on those workouts and could reel the other guys in on the second double loop and stay with the leaders on the last single. Tonight I had a great workout, coach John telling me it may be close to my fastest average.

If having one of my favorite workouts was not enough excitement for the night, for an added treat, Kevin was the time keeper and I got to start with Brad and Peter. It was a mighty mental break to have someone to help with the pacing. The first km felt quite sluggish and I was afraid the dust and pollen was hampering my breathing. Half way through the first km I also remembered my Tuesday long run which was, to put in the most kindest of terms, a chore. My first km was around 3 seconds over pace time but as it was the first interval I was not concerned and focused on hitting my times for the remainder of the workout. I did have a slight pang of nervousness as I did not feel that sharp and have been battling some general fatigue for the most part of the week. The second interval went well and I was under pace time by 3 seconds. I also ran quite even for both laps with merely a second difference between the two. As is a common trend when I am training a lot the second interval felt notably improved from the first. It was more in control and my breathing settled. The third interval (2 km) was solid, not crazy, but good. I hit pace time dead on in negative split fashion. By this point in the workout I was running on my own at the front with only the sound of my feet on the crushed gravel and my heavy breathing to keep me company. I knew there were guys behind me chasing but I try not to think of what is behind. I was trying to find the motivation to keep going forward, sub 1:10 provided that. The last interval was a relief. I had some anxiety during the recovery and I was a little weary of my legs and mind secondary to my week of exhaustion and my terrible Tuesday run. I went out as quick as I could and just let the legs go.

It is difficult to describe the feeling. It is transcendental. The brain and mind is sending the message to the body to go, go hard, go harder. But the normal aches and pains are not there. There is the feeling of effort and the feeling of working hard but it is like floating, a disconnect present between the body, the mind and consciousness. It is the most perfect feeling I can have. All the worries and concerns of the work day are peeled away. The loneliness vanishes. There is no money to worry about, no ten year plan or responsibility. There are no relationships, it is solely running. I ran my last interval substantially under pace time. I am very happy after this workout and I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. A very cleansing workout for both body and mind.

So I am on my way to Prefontaine Classic this weekend, after workout of course. Would not want to miss my track workout! I will take lots of pictures!

Happy Training!

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