Saturday, June 27, 2009


Every athlete has a pre-event routine and runners are no exception.

Yesterday after work I picked up my race package. It was nice to get in before the rush and pick up my number, chip and t-shirt. The shirts are not too bad and mine actually fits! I had a great evening last night to celebrate a friend's birthday. I only had one beer but would have really enjoyed a few more. It was great to have time with friends as a distraction from the race and life's other joys and mysteries.

This morning I woke up at a good time feeling somewhat well rested. After breakfast I hit the trails for my pre-race run. I do the same basic run the day before every race. I warm up until I feel warm, do some drills and strides, then run home. This morning I felt slightly sluggish on my warm up though quite excited to be running. Once at the Brockton Oval Track I did my drills and strides. The strides were a little sticky. My legs felt rested but still a little weary. It took a few hundred metres to really get up to speed. Once I got going I was feeling the need to run a good 400 metre workout. That was a sign I should run home, have something to eat and get some rest.

My bag is packed with my flats and singlet, my clothes are laid out and I am ready to run fast. I am now going to play around with my rabbit ears and get motivated by watching the Canadian Track and Field Championships.

I hope all the VFAC runners have a great run tomorrow. It will be nice to be at the start line with a bunch of great guys and gals in the VFAC Blue. Early wake up call tomorrow, though on race day it does not matter!

Happy racing!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow Jay. Rock the course dude!