Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shaughnessy 8 km Race Report

A beautiful morning to race!

I was fourth today, and with no money on the line, I was not too disappointed with that result. I have trained hard the past 3 weeks and thus was not anticipating tearing up the asphalt. Ryan MacKenzie won the race, followed by a Saucony runner then Ryan Day. I would have liked to have beaten Day but sometimes the engine does not hit maximum output.

Going into this race I was warned that the course is quite hilly and slow. Coming from the East Coast one would expect me to be unable to run hills, but I found this course today to be just right! I like hilly loop courses because it breaks up the monotony of a race. When my mind begins to wander or I start thinking 'wow this is tough' I either crest a hill or take another left turn. The turning and the hills make the race much more engaging for me. For all the mountains in BC the races are all super flat.

My first kilometer was slow (3:15ish) and felt that slow. I was running on Day's shoulder which was what I had planned on running. Once we got to the 800 meter mark someone lit a fire under his shoes because he took off. I was alone from this point until the end of the race. I could see Day in the distance and there was no one behind me. To be honest the race turned into a glorified hard tempo run. I pushed myself as hard as I could but not overly crazy. I certainly did not go to that 'special place' of hurt. I was happy I was comped into the race because in many ways it was not that much of a race for me. I crossed the line in 25:57 or something like that (my watch says 26.00:69, ha ha, 69).

The run was good but not great. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. I felt like I was working hard but finished with enough energy to have a good cool down with some drills and strides. The best part of the race is that I had NO pain in either of my feet, left knee or right shin. I did not have any pain on warm up or cool down or drills either which is huge. I have been working really hard and hardly sleeping so to have a workman's effort today was perfect. And the best thing about finishing fourth is that I did not have to hang around for the awards. Instead I took the Zipcar to Wreck Beach for my first trip of the summer. I think that will be my new recovery routine. Wreck Beach with a beer and a special recovery cookie after a hard run, what could be better then that?

Happy Training!


  1. That "Saucony guy" is David Jackson. He is mutha-fukin fast!!! (when fit) no pride lost coming second to him (or third...however you want to spin it.....i say you beet him really, i'll explain how another time). cool course though heh?

  2. Not only that but Jackson is coached by one Jon Brown. Jackson has run 66 half. See you guys soon. Paul hope you had a good trip.
    Jay you cant run guts out every race. Cheers Kevin. Im back in town and see Nadine Phsio tomorrow. With my forced no run due to work my calf feels so much better so fingers crossed. I can tell you there are many Fit cyclists in Penticton, they were all over the place