Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rock Solid and Back on Track

I am running again!

After a week of illness and severe gastrointestinal issues I was able to run again today, with no issues, for the first time since last Sunday. That is almost a full week without a good run. This morning's run was an 'easy' run in Stanley Park and on the Sea Wall. I was 'chafing at the bit' to get out and run hard. I was able to keep my energy under check for the first 20 minutes until I hit the Sea Wall at Third Beach. Once on the Sea Wall I let myself go and ran hard. It felt wonderful! I was on my toes, breathing normal, not an ache or pain with a full fluid stride. I was even able to try and run with a longer stride. Although being sick was not fun I really believe my body was sending me a message, time for a mini rest. Today I feel healed in many ways. Totally pain free with enough energy to light a million light bulbs.

Yesterday was also my birthday. I am 31 years old. In running terms I am getting to the end of my improvement years over the shorter distances, when one looks solely at '31'. In reality, as a runner, I am much younger. Most runners of my calibre have been running since their early teens. I ran my first race at the age of 21. So 21 subtract 14 is around 7, so let's just say I still have at least 5 years to go of improvement, or at least that is what I am going to keep telling myself.

Birthdays are interesting occasions. They are a time when we celebrate our birth, of being alive and what has passed in our lives. A birthday party presents an opportunity to be with family and/or friends, a time to be with the people who make our lives better and who we connect with. With the celebration also comes lamentation and self appraisal. In the time leading up to my birthday I tend to think of the past year or two or three (or this year back to childhood, must have been the fever), what I have accomplished, mistakes I have made and what I am thankful for. This is also a nice time to set some goals, look to the future and decide where I want my life to go. I have a few goals for this year 31. I will mention two in particular, I am going to be more open and I am going to take more chances.

This blog is a result of goal one. I am also working on hugging more and making eye contact more. Although with eye contact I need the other person to cooperate. Taking chances will be a little harder to measure. I have been pretty good to take chances in the past. I did move to Vancouver 2 1/2 years ago not knowing a single soul in the city. The chances I want to take are with running and my heart. With respect to running I want to run more aggressively, especially in cross country. I want to try to go to the front and run like hell until I can't run anymore. Hopefully I will make it to the finish line. With my heart, I am going to try to put myself out there more, maybe even walk up to a hot stranger (maybe at a race) and ask him on a date. As I am being more open I will keep you posted on the progress of the the chance taking.

To file under achieving both goals; I had a birthday party last night. It was wonderful and I was very happy to see many of my wonderful friends. My cheeks are still a little sore from smiling so much (insert groan here). I also have my summer drink and it is great! Pimm's Cup! It is a light and refreshing beverage for any occasion but especially while watching Wimbledon or after a hard race on a hot summer day. If you get a chance give it a try!

A question/answer feature might be fun. If you have questions for the running gay simply email them to If you have any interesting blog topics email them as well. Some upcoming blogs will discuss annoying habits of others when out running, some unusual running sights and lots of workouts and race reports.

Happy Training!

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  1. Well happy birthday Sir. Hey I think hearing you come past us usally as quick as a fast rain, you put yourself out there every hard workout. Racing is a bit more about being smart, so yes you can be aggressive Jay but also sensible as my Dear Old Mum would say.
    Thanks for the cheer on today. By the way being a true Brit I am, and we do speak our mind! when do I not qualify yet as being a friend and being invited to one of these partys, I could sure have used a Sminoff or a mohito.
    Good to see you back on yuor feet.
    Cheers Kevin