Saturday, May 16, 2009


Saturday is track day. Today's workout was nine times 300m with descending recovery. I was to run 46 seconds per 300 and hold that pace throughout the workout. I was slightly off my times today, as I have been for the past two weeks. The good news; I was below my times on at least two intervals. The bad news; I was over on the remainder. I was able to book a car today and thus was able to complete an extended drill session. Nothing like high knees, A's, B's and C's to feel like a real runner. With the warmer weather, my favorite drill, barefoot running, is also more enjoyable.

Today is the first day of outdoor pool season. I am a reformed triathlete. After finishing running in university I took a break from competitive running to have some fun in triathlon. Since going back to being solely a runner I have not swum or cycled enough to garner mentioning in a blog. Today, with the opening of the outdoor pools, I hit the water for an outdoor workout. In total I swam 1500 meters. Not exceptional, not fast and not in a structured workout, but fun. I have been toying with the idea of returning to triathlon. I will complete the Ironman one day, my decision lies in whether I go to Ironman to compete or to finish. If I want to compete I better start training. If I want to finish, then I can keep this crazy running thing going for another few years.

The reality of my life is that I am single and have no obligations other then an eight to four job. I am also in the prime of my life physically. This is as good as it gets. Running is my love, running gives my life meaning, running gets me out of bed in the morning, running frustrates me then makes me smile, makes me happy and provides a rose colored lens to see the world as a good place. I enjoy the training that triathlon requires and I love that I can spend eight hours on a Saturday training but triathlon takes away from my love of running, makes running harder and heavier. There is no worse feeling then cycling as hard as you can then running. If you ever want to feel heavy and slow, bike then run. I waffle back and forth whether to run or tri, for now I am reformed, stay tuned for a relapse.

Happy Training!


  1. Jay, your close to going sub 30.30 10k, my suggestion is that you squeeze every second out of the 10k prior to going back to Triathlon where no doubt your running will suffer. I think you have enough in you to go very close to 30.00 10k so if I were you keep the running for this year, eachieve what you can and then go for the triathlon next year. Didnt you also want to break 1.10 for the half, then do that before the triathlon training. Thats my two pennys worth. If you do the triathlon training now who is to say you wont get injured or never get back into this shape for running. Your still young to do triathlons later. Cheers Kevin

  2. Kevin
    Looking into finances I think I will wait until I have a good Sugar Daddy before I get back into Triathlon. I am enjoying being back in the pool though, especially now that the outdoor pools are open! I will be a run swimmer.