Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Pack

Tonight we had a fun workout. I am unsure of the actual distances of the workout but the distances get lower over three hard efforts. The first interval starts with a long uphill and finished on minimally undulating terrain with mostly downhill. The next two intervals are shorter and avoid the uphill section. I had a good workout tonight. The uphill sections were tiring and I do not quite feel back to my old strength. I felt my heart rate climb and my breathing/wheezing increase significantly. Once over that hump I was feeling good. The last interval was the best. For the first time in a while I felt like I was moving along, working hard, running as fast as I could but not straining. I felt someone on my shoulder and tried to push the pace but he just held on and pushed me right to the end, it was Brad!

The best part of the workout was the solid pack of five or six guys running together. In some ways it is almost like being back in a university training group, without the inherent competition. In some ways I almost felt like I was back in Fredericton where I started running. For four years I spent Thursday nights in Odell Park, running up to the Arboretum, down the wood chip path and back to the lodge, repeatedly. Coach Tim was always there giving us support. Me, chasing the Stacy twins. All of us, my whole team, friends and competitors.
This is us, UNB Varsity Reds, after winning the AUS Championships in 2001. I will never forget that race and will blog it in the future.

Time for bed!

Happy Training!

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