Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mix up the Tempo

Tempo Tuesday is back!

Today I ran my first tempo since Sun Run. To be honest I do not enjoy tempo that much. They are the one workout that I find tedious. Running on a flat, boring surface at pace for 30 to 60 minutes can be slightly monotonous. Today I decided to mix it up a bit. The key with tempo is to find your pace (or rhythm) then run at that pace for whatever distance or time is prescribed. This is is one of my strengths when running. Ever since I began running I have been known as a rhythm runner. I find my pace, get into my rhythm and go. This talent is also what makes tempo runs incredibly boring. Today I decided to try something different and work on my weaknesses by running a tempo on terrain to destroy my rhythm. I ran 23 minutes in the trails of Stanley Park with the last 7 minutes on the Seawall.

I was not anticipating a good run today after being sick last week. Working yesterday took all my energy and I was really flat on yesterday's easy four miles. The tempo was not bad nor was it that great. I felt weak on the up hills and despite taking the pace down considerably I still felt my heart rate climb and my breathing become slightly short. At one point in the workout I felt nauseous but I am sure that was my body getting used to working hard again. The best part of the workout was when I hit the Seawall. The good thing about the rain as it clears the people off of the Seawall. It was deserted which meant I could run free and clear. As usual, once on the flat, I quickly got into my rhythm and cruised the last 7 minutes. Once completed I had a nice cool down home.

Congratulations to all the VFACers who ran the Vancouver Half and Full Marathon last weekend. I had a blast watching and was very motivated by everyone! I was wishing I was out there until I hit the hill up to Brockton Point. WTF? And Kevin, I did not want to tempt you with the option of a party the weekend of a race. I will have a summer celebration on a weekend when we can all enjoy a few Pimms or Mimosas!

So the training has fired up again. My next race will be the Shaughnessy 8 km on May 31. I hear the course is hilly which will challenge me. I will not be able to run in a rhythm so I will be able to work on my weakness even more. Ultimately I want to run cross country this fall and thus need to figure out how to run without the luxury of a rhythm. The course for Nationals is brutal so any race that can help me experience something similar will be good!

Happy Training!


  1. Jay,

    You've been nominated! For all readers/followers of Jays SA-WEEET new blog, see Matt Fitzgerald's website (another great blog), specifically the following entry: http://mattfitzgerald.org/blog/?p=290 . Look at comment #8. For all those who support Jay (and we sure as hell all do), please comment on Matt's blog to hook our boy Jay up! We all know he deserves it.

    Mucho amore,Paul

  2. Oh my word Paul! I totally should have read that before tonight's entry! I thought you were going to be out for the workout tonight? It was one of my favorite things!