Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Mind Protests

It is Tempo Tuesday!

Today I ran 45 minutes worth of tempo on pace. The first 25 minutes were in the sun speckled trails of Stanley Park with the last 20 minutes on the Sea Wall. I felt good on my warm-up so I decided to try another arrhythmic tempo. I found my choice of trails and climbing up to Brockton Point very difficult and possibly not the wisest decision. At the 15-20 minute mark, while approximately 500 meters from the crest of Brockton Point, I felt like packing it in, turning around and walking home. It is rare that I feel this way during tempo runs. Many times I feel bored or a little distracted but today I had to work through a very tough patch. It was surprising as the last few days my body has been protesting the workouts with my mind totally into pushing and going balls to the walls. Today I was able to push through the quit and finish my tempo.

I also checked my pace time today. Normally I try not to check my pace time while tempo running. I believe I spend too much time on the watch. I do not want to have to hit specific times on my tempo as I do on my other two hard running days. I want to go out, run somewhat hard and not have to worry about pace per km. I also like to take the first 3/4 of the tempo below lactate threshold then slightly build the last 1/4. I like the freedom of running fast. Once on the Sea Wall I checked my time over a kilometer as I was a little concerned I was tired from the quick increase in training. It turned out that I was running pace time, to the second. I was surprised and pleased. Sometimes the internal speedometer seems to be off. A quick check of the watch confirmed that I was going well. I will not make a habit of checking pace times on tempo. This will be the last time check for this session.

So last week I wrote "this is not a music blog", and it isn't, BUT it is my blog and I can do what I want so I am referring to another tune I really like. It is called 'Chicago' and it is by Sufjan Stevens, from the album Illinoise. I downloaded on iTunes! There is an acoustic version on YouTube which is of poor quality. I love, love this song. It tells a story totally opposite of my life (except for "I've made a lot of mistakes", I have made so many mistakes...). I cannot quantify the aspects of the song that moved me except to quote the refrain;

"If I was crying...it was for freedom, from myself and from the land, I've made a lot of mistakes..."

There is an orchestral quality to the tune which creates a rich tone yet does not detract from the sentiment of the lyrics. It is indie rock with what I feel is a mainstream accessibility. Sufjan Stevens writes some really cool stuff that is quite experimental, check it out!.

Happy Training!

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