Sunday, May 10, 2009

Long Run Love

Thank god for long runs!

I had my long run this morning and it was truly a blessing. After my first week back to hard training I was feeling a little melancholy, as is typical. I needed to have a controlled, mostly pain free long run to boost my spirits heading into next week. My run this morning was awesome. Although I am in considerable pain from my bike crash yesterday it did not affect me on the run (only when I abducted my right shoulder). I went nice and slow on the out and then relaxed and let my legs carry me home. With the sun to my face and the wind to my back it was glorious! I did a couple of pick-ups on the way home and my legs felt surprisingly fresh. One pick up in particular was when someone who I passed came up on my shoulder and started racing me. Tres annoying. Luckily I was easily able to take my pace up a gear or two to get back to my much loved long run solitude.

As an aside I posted a new link. ADELE! I absolutely love this song. Written by Bob Dylan it captures potential, longing, waiting. This tune caught me off guard this morning. It captures how I have been feeling recently. There is some banter online regarding who has the better version. I will not pass judgement as I am not a music critic and this is not a music blog. Bob Dylan is a genius. Adele's voice has a rich, deep quality which brings this tune to life. I love them both!

Happy Training!


  1. Jay, Adele is a great singer, if you saw her you wouldnt beleive she could sing that way and if you heard her talk you would be even more suprised. She is a result of the Brit school where they take kids with some potential that cant afford professional lessons. He album is 19, because when she wrote it she was 19. Even better singer in Florence of Florence and the Machine, check out the beast and the rabbit, at least thats what I think its called. A Man after my own heart, moving it up a gear when someone sits on yuor shoulder, priceless. Glad the bike injuries are not too bad. Cheers Kevin

  2. I also like Adele's Chasing Pavement. Where did you go for your long run today? I went up Capilano Canyon. It was gorgeous.
    Happy running.

  3. Kevin: I will look up those tunes!
    Don: Out Jericho, I really want to try running up Capilano Canyon one day. Ran there once last year but got a little lost.