Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Perspective.

The day before a race.

I have had my lucky meal, pizza. I have done my drills and a light workout to get the gears going. I have iced and now I am going to sit down with 'War and Peace' on my balcony to do some reading. Good to go for a 5 star day.

I want to direct you to Kirsten Sweetland's Blog, there is a link on the left. She has amazing talent and a great perspective. Her latest post describes her newly diagnosed stress fracture and also the importance of keeping sport/injury in perspective. I am a runner (reformed triathlete) who is constantly inspired by athletes. When we train together we grow together and when one of us falls there is someone there to help us up. Sport is not life but sport teaches us how to live life.

What I have learned, I have learned through sport. Long live sport.

If you want to be inspired by a race watch Paula Radcliffe win her first Cross Country World Championships (2001, Ostend Belgium). If you want to be inspired by a person read her book.

Happy Training!

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  1. I ran wld XC that year and was right at the finish line when Radcliffe finished. All the Brits had come over (Oostende is right acorss from Dover)...absolutely atorcious conditions, but watching her win was awesome after all her 2nds......